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Getting a new and more radiant look is not something too difficult, especially when you are among lots of options to change your hairstyle. You may be addicted to some pretty but a little bit complicated styles such as braids, cornrows, dreadlocks or twists but we believe that even when the style is simple, you can also be more glamorous and beautiful. We are talking about the beauty created by ponytail hairstyle and clip in ponytail for short hair.

Something about ponytail hairstyle

Ponytail hairstyle is defined as the hairstyle in which some, most or even all of the hair on the head is pulled away from the face. The hair is later gathered and secured at the back of the head with a hair tie, a clip or other similar devices and allowed to hang freely from that point. The name of this hairstyle roots from its resemblance to the tail of a pony.

Apostore makes sure that the ponytail hairstyle is no longer strange with girls, especially those who want to be more active and stronger. The ponytail is considered to be one of the most popular and simple hairstyles. A lot of girls are interested in ponytail as it is easy to tie and you can easily tie them yourself without any help from others.

In addition, a ponytail hairstyle makes you become younger and more confident. A lot of women choose this hairstyle for summer when the weather is so hot. Just only need to tie your hair neatly at the high position near the top of the head or the top of the head, you are going to have a great ponytail hairstyle.

What is clip in ponytail for short hair?

Today, hair loss or thinning hair has become a familiar problem among lots of women and we can somehow understand that not all times you like wearing full human hair extensions, especially in hot summer days. Even, when you are having short hair and you would like to make it longer, full human hair extensions are never an ideal option for those days. When we get no support from the weather or some different conditions, wearing hair extensions just only makes us feel worse. The effective solution here is nothing but the clip in ponytail for short hair.

Clip in ponytail for short hair refers to the hairstyle in which the clip in hair extensions is designed for us to achieve our ponytail hairstyle. It is applied to short hair, giving you long locks and attractive hairstyle.

Clip in ponytail for short hair allows you to style the hair the way you like. It can be bun or braid. You can rely on this type of hair extensions because of the fact that many celebrities choose this clip in human ponytail when they appear in the red carpet or participate in big events, perform on the stages. We are mentioning here some typical famous stars such as Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande or Anne Hathaway.

How to use clip in ponytail for short hair

Follows these steps to get the best hairstyle in the installation of clip in ponytail for short hair

Step 1: Brush through your hair and ensure that there is no tangle. After finish detangling, begin to put your hair back into a ponytail. Low or high ponytail, it’s up to you. Get your wax and put it on your edges to make sure that your ponytail looks really slick.

Step 2: Use a paddle brush to brush through that to eliminate all bumps in your ponytail. Put 2 elastic rubber bands to make your ponytail

Step 3: Choose the most suitable ponytail hair extension, clip it in your ponytail and wrap that hair all around. When you are halfway done wrapping, use a bobby pin to secure it and keep wrapping until the ponytail is tight enough. The more bobby pins you use, the more secure the ponytail will be.

Step 4: When all have been finished, take the last clip and clip it right behind your ponytail. Get a piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around where you wrap the extensions. The purpose is to hide the clips in clip in ponytail for short hair.

What are the benefits of clip in ponytail for short hair?

Clip in ponytail for short hair gives us an extremely natural look and this style is ideal for all hair types. It is softer and silkier than the full hair extensions.

In terms of price, the clip in ponytail for short hair is definitely cheaper than most sets of full extensions. Also, it is much more comfortable to wear than full clip-ins, especially in hot weather due to the fact that a pony is lighter and neater than full hair.

Clip in ponytail for short hair would be the perfect choice for you girls. In Apostore’ stock, we also provide many types of ponytail hair extensions. If you have fallen in love with our Vietnamese remy hair products, tell us and we are ready to bring you the best hair extensions.