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The desire to be more beautiful is one of the most-wanted needs of women (and also men in this time). Alongside with your skin shade, your hairstyle seems to play a fundamental role in the making of your beauty. That is the reason why there have been quite many types of hair products to enhance hairstyles and hair extensions is the most exclusive one.

Today, let’s find out why clip in hair extensions become the most famous hair extensions of all time.

What makes clip in hair so outstanding?

What makes clip in hair so outstanding?

Clip in hair is supposed to be the most convenient hair extensions amongst many types of hair products. This is due to some of the reasons below.

First of all, it is very time-saving. When it comes to hair extensions, people often think that it would take a long time for hair application. Some of the hair extensions even take hours to finish that process. However, it is a completely different with clip in hair extensions. All you have to do with it is snapping the clips into your hair and all it takes it a couple of minutes.

Second of all, you can also make clip in hair by your own. It is not that complicated to make for yourself this stunning hair extensions. It is basically made from one or two layers of weft hair attached with some clips in the top margin. The largest layer might have 4 clips while the smallest has one clip only.

Last but not least, clip in hair can be used flexibly. By this it means, you can apply and remove the hair easily at anytime and anywhere. Customers could bring the hair with them and apply it anywhere, like the women’s room, with only some minutes. And then, boom! You have a brand new hairstyle which is not only gorgeous but also very strong-looking.

What are the available colors of clip in hair?

What are the available colors of clip in hair?

Speaking of the hues of our hair extensions, it must be a dizzying decision. There are a lot of colors that might make you confused a little bit.

There are 5 groups of shade that you can consider. The first one is black. This is the natural color of Asian women’s hair, so it doesn’t need much time to process. Color #1b is natural black and most real-like black hair.

Dark brown is another dark shade group of color. It includes color #2, #3, #4, #2h, #2q, #q, and #4q. The brightness increases from #2 to #4q.

Light brown is quite a bright group of shade. It has #6, #8, #12 and #27 and so on.

Blonde color is the most popular shade for most of the fair-skinned women in the world. It comprises of #16, #18, #22, #24, #60, #613…

Cold color is the kind of shade which gives the feeling of cold tone in the hair. Also, it is very shiny and outstanding. Some of the main ones are #6c, #9c, #18c, #60c, #613c and so on.

Clip in hair extension is now available in our company with big quantity. Clients can contact us anytime that is convenient to them. We are always ready to serve you.