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Celebrities and how they look like in real life have always been a topic to discuss. We also made thousands of posts about how celebrities look like when they san their makeup. And continue to the celebrities with no makeup series, today we're giving you some beautiful pics ‘Flip or Flop’ star – Christina El Moussa with no makeup.

The star made a makeup tutorial with her BFF makeup artist recently, and we have had a chance to catch some moments of Christina El Moussa with no makeup, and she looks stunning! We all know that Christina is a fan of natural makeup. She often puts on light makeup or sometimes not even wearing any. Looking at her before and after makeup pictures posted on Instagram, her beauty completely caught us by surprise. She looks flawless as her skin looks great, her eyebrows look like they were painted carefully and her blonde hair perfectly complements her deep hazel eyes.

Continue our work to stalking this beautiful star, we notice that there're tons of moments with Christina El Moussa without makeup. Her smile looks charming and calm. Seems like the star looks better and better over the course of time as she looks gorgeous as a mother of two but she looks as if she is only twenty with her free-makeup face and her perfect complexion skin.

The TV star is definitely a true beauty with her trademark blonde hair. No one could ever deny how important hair is to our appearance with or without the help of cosmetics. The picture of young Christina El Mousse with no makeup is somewhat reminding me it’s high time I got myself a new hairstyle. Christina’s hair looks shiny and healthy here, making her 10 years younger and full of femininity. Looking at her makes us want to have new haircuts as soon as possible.

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Christina herself always brims with energy – she always appears being confident, giving her all out – with or without makeup. It is nice to see the look of Ms. Christina El Moussa without makeup behind the shows. She was wearing a grey hoodie with simple messy do-up, wearing no makeup yet looking as delightful as ever. This is one of the simple tips for you that you can go for casual clothes when you are not having makeup on. The more comfortable your fit, the more casual you feel, hence, forgetting about how shy you are when you don’t have your makeup on.

Pregnancy brings loads of problems to women, but it doesn’t seem true to Christina El Moussa. She looks as if she didn’t have any skin problem at all even she was pregnant. In fact, she seems perfectly happy and enjoyable. It seems that she has great control over her daily lifestyle. The fact is that you have to be balanced in your diet if you want to be just like her. Food choices can lead to a less or more perfect complexion, try to add fruits and greens in your food to increase the amount of omega-3 in your body, hence boost moisture in your skin.  balancing diet can also help reduce the aging process and lift your face. Without makeup, you’ll be able to realize how alluring and charming you are, stay confident and always love yourself.

It is undeniable that Christina El Moussa with no makeup stands out in every moment. But this is not because she is a celebrity, it is because of her confidence, her bright smile and the energy she’s radiating. If she can do it then so do you. We girls at Apohair hope that you can be yourself and be confident with your natural beauty.