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Is it just me or do you feel also feel like July is the perfect time for some changes in your hair? Well, this is exactly where we see the problem. Let’s all be real, is any of you completely satisfied with your hair type? Does your haircut always look like how you imagined it would? I don’t think so. Yes, I’m telling you that it is not at all easy to find a haircut that is compatible with your hair type.

That’s why I am here to make sure you can have (at least) some ideas about which hairstyles best suit different types. So, pick up your notes and start your research here before heading to the hairdresser to get your best hairdo.

  1. Define Your Hair Texture

The secret to great haircuts is that you will need to choose the cut that works with your hair’s texture. Each one of us may have one or more hair texture types, namely fine, coarse, curly, straight, etc. Your job now is to touch your hair, feel it, look at the mirror and find out what type of texture your hair has. Also, remember that damaged hair will never look good no matter what your hair type is. Once you see damages in your hair, cut it off.

  1. Hairstyles for Coarse Hair Texture

Thick hair comes in many forms, from wavy to soft to curly and so on, we usually characterized by it by fullness. That means this hair type is very hard to manage and requires regular cuts to keep in ideal shape. Good news for you: there are many hairstyle options for you to choose from.

If your hair is coarse, it would be a wise choice that you go for hairstyles that can lessen the bulk and weight of your hair. In that case, shorter hair will work the best. Have layer cuts, razor cuts instead of blunt-edged cuts. You can take off extra volumes from these cuts, and I’m sure that they will work amazingly well for you. What’s more, hidden internal layers can add shape to longer lengths and gentle texturizing will soften the ends.

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  1. Hairstyles for Medium Hair Texture

Anything ‘medium’ is best for me, and that’s the same as from a hair styling pint of view. Having medium hair texture means that you’ll always be able to change your styles just by adjusting your hair weight distribution. Go for razor cuts and add subtle slices to create layers. The layers should be concentrated around your face line for a more natural look.

For a more polish style, you can also use blunt cuts and waves to ass volume and body. They will make your hair thicker and give extra bulks to your locks.

  1. Hairstyles for Straight Hair

Straight hair is beautiful. It’s not frizzy, it reflects light and super easy to style. However, everything has its drawback. Straight hair falls flat at a super-fast pace. Having an incorrect cut could make your hair look thinner. So what’s the style for us? My pick for you is a blunt base cut. Cutting blunt will keep the full volume of your hair, which is obviously very crucial for fine hair texture. You can also opt to add some long layers to soften the lines and create movement as well. For more precise lines, it is preferable that you cut your hair dry with scissors.

  1. Hairstyles for Curly and Wavy Hair Texture

If you are thinking that there’s not much experimentation could be done, then think it over. There are loads of dope styles for these types of texture.

If your hair is curly, get as many layers as you can to tape around your face. Try an angular lob with longer fronts and shorter backs. It would perfectly shape up your hair. Don’t forget to have extra-long layers in the front to avoid the curls disturbing your face.

A tousled pixie cut would be extremely experimental yet surprisingly complements your wavy hair.

Beach waves or I’d like to call it bedhead waves, have been in trend for years. Therefore, instead of getting rid of your hair length, ask for some face-framing layers, then scrunch them up with some spray and you are ready to go.

  1. Hairstyles for Fine Hair Texture

Fine hair means lack volume, but don’t you worry about that. There are plenty of ways that you can add body and volume to your hair. As long as you find the right shaping techniques and the right styling products, your hair can look more than perfect. Fine hair is one of the easiest to style hair textures, there are a lot of options for you to go for when you have fine hair.

The most effortless yet still stunning haircuts are bob cuts and wedges. Try a bob cut features blunt cut ends with large waves to pump up the volume. Use a hair spray before backcombing the roots to manage a much thicker appearance for your hair.

Another great idea for fine hair is the shoulder-length blunt cut. With minimal layers and blunt cut ends, you have created a chic red carpet-worthy hairstyle, and no one will ever notice your fine hair texture.

Pixie cuts – not only for those with fine hair, this is the most liked haircuts among women. This type of cut can frame your face, and at the same time, add lots of texture to your tresses. Moreover, pixie cuts are perfect for you if you don’t have that much time to style. All you need is some wax in the ends before styling for more shape and texture.

What if I prefer to keep my hair long? It’s great! Long hair is absolutely gorgeous. What you need to mark when you style long hair is that you want to use hair extensions to add volume and length, especially if your hair is too short for your liking. With hair extensions, you can have thousands of hairdos without worrying your hair will be badly affected by the chemical products or through heat processes. Should you be new to hair extensions, click here to have some basic information about extensions.

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