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Have you ever wondered why celebrities can have a new hair such in a short time? Nothing is to suspect, it is hair extensions. Exactly, almost all stars would like to apply hair extensions to continuously renew their hairstyle day by day. Read our blog to see, how celebrities get a completely new look with different types of vietnamese hair extensions.

1. Selena Gomez

It is a fact that Selena Gomez really likes wearing hair extensions. Generally, she chooses herself a typical hairstyle – a fresh lob cut. However, each time she steps up in the red carpet, fans can easily realize her with a completely new hair. With romantic long waves, Selena Gomez quickly attracts all of the audience’s sights.

2. Kylie Jenner

Being known as a talented Hollywood star, Kylie Jenner always proves her wonderful appearance in front of the public. She appears so outstanding not only with her insanely successful lip cosmetic line but also her suspicious hair changes.

It can be today, she decides to try on black ultra long mane. But, tomorrow, things become more different when she choose herself a platinum blonde bob. Kylie Jenner shared that she loved hair extensions and had fun with her hair.

3. Rihanna

If you could hear somewhere about Hollywood’s biggest style chameleon, it would certainly be Rihanna. Often, she is attractive with her red hair in many places. Also, she got considerable change with a pixie cut circa 2009. And never stop there, Rihanna’s long and soft mermaid waves at the 2017 Grammy Awards has put her in a really new and impressive hairstyle.

4. Beyoncé

Like many other stars, Beyoncé always wants to know how to make her fans excited with lots of hairstyles on different occasions.

5. Gigi Gorgeous

Gigi Gorgeous makes her different from others by many ways of changing her hair extensions. In addition to that, she enthusiastically shares her own tips, tricks and experience with using hair extensions so that we can get a gorgeous platinum blonde rock on her Youtube Channel. See this picture to explore how perfect she is appearing with her white-blonde rocks.

Above, we have discovered the beauty of five famous stars when they apply hair extensions. Do you like these beautiful hairstyles? If you are excited about wearing hair extensions, visit our store website to get the best vietnamese hair extensions in the hair market today.