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We have heard countless girls tell me how they really want to wear hair extensions but they exercise most days and are unsure if they can work out or play sport with hair extensions on. Here is our answer: you can wear hair extensions and play sport only when they are quality hair extensions.

So if you are wondering about wearing extensions while playing sport, we want you to know that it’s necessary for you to choose quality hair extensions and know how to wear them properly during and after playing sport.

If you wear poor quality (non-Remy, non-virgin, and not raw) hair extensions, you can expect the extensions to fall apart after coming in contact with your sweat, finding the clips tearing out after strenuous exercise and not being able to wash them with your own natural hair after playing sport.

Protecting your extensions is a priority when it comes to playing sport and we want to ensure you properly prepare your hair, whether you enjoy swimming or other things.  


Many people want to work out or play sports with their hair extensions, especially during the hot summer months.

You can play sport, go to the gym, and do all your normal activities with hair extensions that are tape-in or fusion. Just tie them into a loose braid or high ponytail, so that they don’t get so sweaty and tangled during your workouts. This is what you would normally do with your own natural hair when working out, so it’s not really that different.

With clip-ins, we don’t advise that you wear them while playing sports, because they might get tangled with your own hair and cause damage to both your hair and the extensions. It’s important that you take them out before playing sports. They will last longer and won’t get sweaty during your sport time. Plus, they are easy to put in and remove, so you really don’t have any excuse for taking them out before doing active moves.

If your workout or sport of choice includes the beach or pool, you want to make sure that your hair is protected, first and foremost.  Before going into the water, wet your hair and apply a leave in conditioner and a thermal protectant to the ends of your hair.  These two products will keep your hair smooth and tangle free and protect your hair from the harsh saltwater or chlorine.

The hair itself with tape-in or fusion isn’t going to be affected by the water or the chemicals in the swimming pool. What you do have to worry about are the bonds that create the hair extensions in the first place.

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Those bonds can be impacted by the chemicals in the pool and also by the lotions you may have on your skin. You can swim with either of these types of hair extensions, but ideally you don’t want to be underneath the water for too long, causing the bonds get over-saturated. A little water is okay, too much and you might damage the bonds causing pieces to fall out. So just be careful in the water or wear a swim cap if you are going to be swimming laps for exercise.

With fusion hair extensions or tape-in extensions that get wet, you want to rinse and dry the bonds as soon as possible once you get out of the pool. This will prevent the glue or tape from becoming too damaged and compromising the look of your beautiful long extensions. 

As mentioned above, it’s not recommended that you swim or play other sport with clip-ins. The water can make your clip-in hair extensions become tangled up with your own hair creating a mess to take care of later when you get out. The best bet with clip-ins is to enjoy the water poolside, but leave your hair out of the pool.


Having an active lifestyle doesn’t have to exclude you from wearing hair extensions. Actually, you can run a marathon and run daily and still have great looking hair during and after your run.

Pulling or tugging at your hair is not ideal when you have hair extensions.  To avoid compromising the bond while you play sport, put your hair into a low ponytail or braid then secure with a scrunchie or metal-free elastic.  These hairstyles will keep your hair out of your face as well as prevent your extensions from tangling.  If you enjoy outdoor activities in the spring or summer, wear a hat or head wrap to protect your hair from the hot sun and harmful UV rays.  Nobody wants melted bonds or extremely dry hair!

Here are 5 easy hair styles that make your sport time more fun with great look.

Bubble Pony Tail

In order to avoid tangles, dirt and wear and tear from hair flying about all over the place the simplest and most effective trick is to put your hair up.  Braid it or use small elastic bands as in the diagram.  

Step 1: Gather your hair into a high ponytail.

Step 2: Attach small transparent hairbands all the way along your ponytail.

Inverted French braids

Sport sometimes requires floor work.  Hair buns can sometimes get in the way so try two french braids instead – simple, easy and exercise-friendly.  

The French Plait Bun

The french braid or inverted french braid are both simple, beautiful and comfortable.  They also manage to tie in all the loose ends which surround the face.

Step 1: Braid the hair on two sides until you reach the top of your neck

Step 2: Tie the hair tightly with hair bands.

Step 3: Gather all hair together and twist tightly

Step 4: Wrap the twisted hair round into a bun and tie in place with a hair band

Flip Pony Tail

A variation on the classic ponytail, make it loose or really tight.  If you want, you can even braid the hair from the ponytail once you have put it up.  

Step 1: Put up your hair in a low ponytail.  Push your fingers in through the hair between your head and the hairband to make a hole.  Carefully pull the hairband and the tail hair through the hole. 

Step 2: Split the hair into two sections, pull them apart and pull them up through the hairband. 

After sport time

After you’ve finished your sport activities, make sure to wash your hair with the recommended shampoo and conditioner for your extensions.  If your hair is feeling dry from the chlorine or salt water, apply a deep conditioner only on the ends of your hair.  Proceed with your regular styling routine.

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