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The benefits of hair extensions may obviously be known by many people. Hair extension helps add volume and length for your present hair and especially, this method is so quick. However, most people like to change hair extension’ textures and therefore, they come to the wonder that “Can I curl and straighten hair extensions?” Let’s find out the exact answer for this matter.

Reasons to curl or straighten hair extensions

There is no specific reason for curling or straightening hair extensions. These belong to your own preference. When you want to try on something new with your hairstyle, curling or straightening hair extensions are considered to be effective methods.

In fact, the answer to the question “Can I curl and straighten hair extensions?” is absolute. You do not need to have to worry because there are many ways that you can apply to straighten or curl your hair extensions. Especially, it doesn’t matter whether clip in hair extensions, weft hair extensions, tape hair extensions or tip hair extensions are the methods applied.

Generally, heat styling tools are the main ways of changing the texture of your hairstyle. With the support of these accessories, having new hair is just in minutes. Note that, in the use of styling tools, you need to control the heat. Too-high temperature can lead to some damages in your hair extensions.

Hair quality is one of the most important factors influencing the process of curling or straightening hair extensions. The best option to use human Remy hair extensions, which is 100% human hair without chemical or synthetic. For that choice, there is not much harm caused in using curling irons on the hair. In contrast, a hair extension made of synthetic is completely unfavorable. Synthetic hair cannot afford the hot temperature from curling irons and if you are determined to use heat styling tools on synthetic hair extensions, hair begins to melt and this leads to extremely bad effects.

How to curl your hair extensions

  • Using a wand

Normally, this is the method that is applied by many people. Using a wand refers to the easiest and quickest method to curl a hair extension. A curling wand works effectively, bringing great results for you. With the application of the wand, you get a new hair without getting any damages.

In this process, you always need to focus on the using of a curling iron. Do not allow a high heat because it is never good for the hair extensions. A wonderful thing is that curling wand is quite affordable and you can easily look for this item because it is now quite popular in the market. It will be better if you brush all the hair strands and wash them before you keep on the curling process.

There are two typical options for this method

Hair roller method: a method that has been applied for a long time. Nowadays, there are many types of curlers in the market. Most people choose this way to make their hair different.

Sock bun curling method: another method which is still strange for many users in their changing or looking for a new hairstyle.

  • Straw curling for hair extensions


If you don’t have time to pick up a curling iron, then you can completely find the help of some cylindrical objects such as pencils or straws of plastics to roll the hair extensions. When you are in a busy, applying this straw curling is really a convenient method.

How to straighten your hair extensions

Using a flat iron

If you love flaunting straight hair, a flat iron is exactly for you. This is the perfect tool for any girl who is looking for a beautiful straight hair look. Basically, you can find lots of options from cheap ones to expensive ones for flat iron. A hair straightener is considered to be good when it perfectly straighten your hair extensions without any issues. It helps create one of the most excellent straight hair look.

Below are some essential tools that you need for the process of straightening your hair

  • Hair clips
  • Comb
  • Flat iron/hair straightener
  • Serum for giving shine to hair
  • Heat protector for hair

In the application, you can choose one of two options: straightening the hair extensions before applying them or straightening hair extensions after applying them.

Do you need to go to a hair salon to get your hair extensions curled or straightened?

You can completely go to the hair salon to change the texture of the hair extensions but in fact, this is not necessary. This is a process that you can totally do by yourself. Truth is, all the methods applied by a professional hairstylist for this changing are usually easy and simple to follow. Within a short time, if you are keen and serious, you will be able to learn about those methods.

Up to now, the answer to the question: "Can I curl and straighten hair extensions" has been found. Let’s try on a new hairstyle by curling or straightening hair extensions with those simple methods above. Especially, Apohair’s extensions are made from 100% Vietnamese human Remy hair, which is easy to be curled or straightened. Come on, a really new appearance is waiting for you.