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Generally, curly hair is usually known as a complicated hairstyle. That explains why you always need to take careful consideration before changing or styling your curly hair. Here comes a question that “Can I apply clip in hair extensions on my curly hair”. No other purpose, this blog post is to help you to find out the best answer to this problem.

What do you know about curly hair?

The first thing that all of you know is that certainly, curly hair gets some structural characteristics that make it different from straight hair or wavy hair. You can realize that this is the hairstyle which is really popular in Africa. In this point, we conclude that nothing is difficult to understand when curly hair attracts more attention as well as needs more hair care routine than other types of hairstyles.

Basically, hair curliness exists in the principle of being programmed by the hair follicle.

Hair curliness is biologically programmed by the hair follicle and has a number of specificities. First, curly hair follicles sit obliquely in the scalp and are curved at the bulb. The internal structure of the follicle is highly modified, which translates into an elliptical section of the hair, and the development of twists when the hair shaft emerges at the surface of the scalp. Curly hair is also distinguished by the density of its follicles (161/cm²) and its speed of growth (0.85 cm per month) compared to Caucasian hair (226/cm²; 1.12 cm per month) or Asian hair (175/cm²; 1.25 cm per month). Also, the average hair diameter is of 78 µm for curly hair, 74 µm for Caucasian hair and 90 µm for Asian hair.

Curly hair's elliptical section and the twists along its fibre make it sensitive to combing and brushing that can cause breakage and limit hair length.

Another specific characteristic of curly hair is dryness due to low sebum production. Sebum scarcity and its limited migration along the hair shaft cause hair dryness and consequently make hairstyling difficult. Furthermore, a dry scalp increases irritation and favors dandruff.

In addition to biological characteristics, hairstyling practices also make curly hair fragile. For example, braiding weakens the hair and scalp when braids are too tight; low-quality or poorly rinsed straightening products are damaging, and straightening irons can result in dryness and breakage. Such practices can cause a number of pathologies that include reversible hair-loss, alopecia (hair follicle inflammation being one the first steps of the alopecic process) and irreversible scarring alopecia. A number of characteristics that are specific to curly hair, therefore, need to be taken into consideration in any hair care solution.

Can we apply clip in hair extensions on curly hair?

Absolutely! Now with the variety of hairstyles in the market, you can comfortably choose hair extensions for your curly hair. Among those options, clip in hair extensions is always an outstanding hair. However, there are something you should note for the best application of clip in hair extensions on your curly hair.

Hair texture

The most important criterion in your choosing hair extensions for curly hair is that you should choose a hair which has similar textures to your own curly hair. That will give you the feeling like it is your natural hair.

In terms of curly hair, there are some typical textures you can apply, depending on your own hairstyle. Those typical ones are:

  • Deep curly
  • Loose curly
  • Kinky curly
  • Romantic curly

Which hair texture are you having? And which hair extensions do you want to put on? Feel free and pick any style for your new look.

Hair color

Many hair colors are available for a clip in hair extensions product. It can start at some basic and simple hair colors such as black color or dark brown color. More complicated, you will be more dynamic with light brown hair, blonde hair, mix color or ombre color. Each hair color gives you a new look. What you need to do is determine which hair extension’s color best suits your present hair color.

How to apply clip in hair extensions in my curly hair 

In fact, clip in hair extensions is considered to be one of the most popular hairstyles in the hair market today. And this easy-to-use feature of clip in is one of the key points contributing to that popularity.

All the thing you need to do is just get the hair extensions and then attach it to your real hair. In the process of attaching, make sure that you are acting in a gentle way. Curly hair is not as strong as straight hair, as a result, it is easier to be damaged. Pay more attention when using the clip because it can make your hair shed. A too tight application can also cause a bad effect to your scalp, and this is an unexpected thing.

Due to the nature of curly hair, you do not let your scalp too dry before applying hair extensions. When the curly hair is added more hair from outside when the scalp is too dry, dandruff will appear quickly. This is the bad moment when you realize that it is quite difficult to remove dandruff if you are having curly hair. In this situation, shampooing ranks to be the best solution.

Here you can stop your in-two minds now because our answer is that you can absolutely apply hair extensions on your curly hair. Believe us and, start to find your ideal hair extensions.