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If you have a chance to see different pictures in celebrities’ hair history, you will be so amazed and realize how much they have tried to constantly renew their images. In this blog, we are going to show you all the best moments relating to various attractive hairstyles of Britney Spears – let’s explore Britney Spear's hair history to know more.


This picture lets us see the beauty of Britney Spear when she was at the age of 17. The important milestone in Britney’s career as she brought her most iconic song Hit Me Baby One More Time. At this time, her lovely bunch hairstyle was her trademark looks and the singer was like a small schoolgirl.


Two years later is the time Britney released here a very famous hit which is Oops I Did It Again. Here, we are a little bit confused to make sure about the side-swept hairstyle but absolutely, our singer can put it off. Britney Spears’ hair history is more and more outstanding as we can see in this hairstyle, chunky highlights were included.


It is really an interesting experience to see this picture and we will never forget this moment when our pretty singer was matching with Justin Timberlake in the American Music Awards, creating a double denim masterpiece. For a newer look, Britney Spear chose some choppy layers and a loose blowout. All is shined in the most fabulous way with her special blonde highlight.


2002 was a memorable milestone of Britney Spears as she appeared so magnificently in the Grammy Award with a gorgeous half down hairstyle. Standing out in her long and sexy curly hairstyle, Britney Spears confidently smile and we’ve been so impressed by this image.


This year, one more time, witnessed the success in Britney Spears’ career when she got the queen of Pop. Her rocker bride look with super blonde, layered hair and loads of hair extensions contributes a lot to the innovation of Britney Spear’s hair history.


Britney Spear never stops changing herself. She at that time appeared with her long blonde locks, which attracted almost all of us.


What do you see in this picture? You are not wrong. All you’ve seen is true and we are sure that you must be so surprised. In January 2007, Britney Spear shaves off all of her hair in a random salon and this has brought a really big shock for fans all over the world.


Britney Spears was back to her best at the VMA’s with this stunning crimped look in 2008. What draws much of our attention is her blonde wavy hair which is in the combination with her 1920s style dress. At this special event, our talented singer achieved three honorable awards including Best Female Video, Best Pop Video and Video of The Year.


It can be said that Britney Spears had made an amazing appearance on Glee for an episode titles Britney which was watched and supported by 13.5 million people. Still no doubt, the pretty singer kept on changing and appeared with the signature style of her super blonde hair and loads of hair extensions.


Hardly can you see such a great moment when Britney was performing a remix of the song S&M with Rihanna at the Billboard Music Awards. At the same time, our singer also won the MTV Video Vanguard Award, very high achievement in her career. To get those excellent things, Britney Spears chose to make her hair different. Her hair was blown out into supermodel waves and this absolutely makes all of us excited.  


Her thick blonde hair has made our singer so radiant in Scream And Shout, one of the best-selling songs of the year 2012.


Back coming at the iHeart Radio festival, Britney made a huge change when she decided to have a straightened hair in super light blonde. This hairstyle becomes one of the most wonderful styles of the evolution in Britney Spears’ hair history.


With these glamorous and reddy blown waves, Britney Spears shined her way at Elton John’s Oscar party. We are so excited to look at this picture, right?


This is Britney Spear and she picked up this ombre ponytail hairstyle for the VMAs. Being in a diamante dress, the singer was so freely with her bright smile.


She kept on making the new things in her hair history and one more time, the super high and ditsy ponytail was chosen.


At the VMAs, Britney loved and chose the super long extensions styled into beachy waves, which makes her look so natural.


In a very new style, Britney Spears’ hair history has got considerable change when she kept her hair super long but brought the color up to date with the super ashy blonde color.

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