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Beauties! This is it! We’re officially coming to the end of 2019. It’s September already – 2019 ain’t new anymore, and neither is your hairstyle. It’s time to get you some new color looks for the last time before we enter the new year of 2020. Taking over our Instagram feeds these days is a new crop of the newest hair color. FYI, this newcomer is breath-taking. So, get your hairstylist’s number on speed dial and prepare to be blown away by these new blue black hair color look!

  1. Tones for Blue Black Hair Color Looks

The winter is coming, which means it’s time colder hues hair color took back their crown. Mysterious yet flattering, there’s no doubt that the blue black hair color is believed to be the trendiest color at the moment. Varying from the soft royal to dark midnight blue, there are plenty of ways where you can show your boldness exposing your bluish hues.

#1 Midnight Blue & Black

This is a very fun color to wear, as the midnight tone gives off a debonair yet feminine vibe. A subtle midnight blue is loads more muted than its “megawatt” blue counterpart, which will make your black blue hair color looks more natural without being monotonous. However, as the colors under the blue umbrella can be stripped off quite easily, make sure to stock up on conditioner to keep them from fading.

#2 Navy Blue & Black

It is definitely one of our best picks for 2019. The graceful navy blue-black hair color is a must-try if you want to go for a hair makeover yet still not sure if you want to go bold. Having gained speed since earlier this year, the navy shade has now in a full force with millions of hashtags on social networks. So why not try out this look now?

#3 Metallic Blue & Black

Black and blue work well together and that’s the point. Another insanely mesmerizing tone of blue black hair color for you is this metallic blue mixed with natural black. The hue of blue here is more intense than the first two, but when against the black, it creates a subtle and daring look at the same time. This color is mostly noticeable when exposed to the sun. It is fun; it is one of a kind, but it is not at all in your face.

#4 Blue Highlights on Black

You must have acknowledged this trend years ago. And guess what? It’s never gone out of the map! What I’m talking about here is the highlights hairstyle. For that reason, we thought that having 2 trendiest hairdos getting together may even create a rage. That’s why we’re giving you this blue highlights on black lock. To what your liking is, you can customize the blue hues to suit your taste. I mean… isn’t it great having light blue waves for your hair? It will be pure art.

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#5 Blue Black Hair with Violet Highlights

Once you got into the blue-black hair looks, it is impossible to miss out on a mixture of these stunning shades with accentuating highlights. For a blue-black hair color look, the shades will subtly change from black to a bluish hint where deep dark undertones prevail. This hue itself is already incredible, but imagine how beautiful they will when accompanied the enchanting violet? That would be spectacular to see. Trust us! It’s completely worth perceiving your own hair as a palette for experiments, especially with the blue-black-violet look.

#6 Light Blue on Black Hair

If you’re thinking that light blue can only be achieved as a tint, think it over! Dark hair taken as the base for the light hue create the exclusive look for those who would like to go bold. The saturated light blue melts with the black tone will certainly upgrade your blue-black hair color look to a whole new level.

#7 Indigo Blue & Black

For an even more intense shade of blue, you may want to go for a satiny indigo blue-black hair. The indigo might be one of the most intense shades of hair color we’ve ever come across, as it shines bright as satin, and its variety is super hard to embrace. However, once you manage and get used to the color, you’ll be completely taken away by how it is a sole masterpiece.

  1. How to Maintain Blue Black Hair Looks?

Gorgeous as it may be, we’ve also said that the bluer your look the higher maintenance it is. In order to maintain your blue black hair color look, you’ll have to follow some tips below:

  • Try to go longer between hair washes. As you use purifying products like shampoos or conditioners, the colors will be stripped off easily. So, instead of having your hair washed regularly, try to minimize the water wash frequency and opt for a dry shampoo.
  • Not only should you reduce the number of hair washes per week, you should also choose shampoos specially designed for colored hair as they will keep your hair sanitized without taking off all the color.
  • Colored hair needs extra moisture, so remember to use conditioners each time you wash your hair to always keep the lock hydrated.
  • Heat styling is one factor that not only causes damages to your hair but also stimulates the color-fading progress. Try to curl or straighten your hair with natural methods if possible. Should you have no choice but to have heat treatments, don’t forget to use the heat protectants before you style your hair.
  • Temporary color fades as time passes, so it’s suggestible that you meet your hairstylist every month or so for a touchup.

After this post about the blue black hair color looks, we hope you’ve got all the needed information and are inspired by our suggestions. And don’t forget that you can always choose to dye your hair extensions over your own hair. For further info about hair extensions or hair tips like this, make sure to visit APO Hair’s website or contact us. We’d love to hear from you and are always available to be of service.