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The misconception that anyone without Caucasian genes won’t be able to have blonde hair nor they’ll suit any light hair colors. Also bearing the same thought in mind, Indians, are super cautious when it comes to dyeing their hair blonde. Nevertheless, if you are a true fan of hairstyling, you must have contemplated going blonde at least once. Lucky for you, we’re here to help you work your way to match your skin with the right blonde shades. Let’s get started and find out the perfect blonde hair tones for Indians!

  1. The Impression

There’s no smoke without fire. So what makes people disapprove of Indians being blonde? The answer is the skin tones. As Indians often have darker skin tone, they’re thought to not go well with blonde, as the color may even darken their skin. Be that as it may, you haven’t even scratched the surface to come to conclusion, unfortunately. The truth is even if blonde darkens already-dusky skins, that’s not at all a problem. In fact, dark skins look even more stunning with light hairs - as long as you get the idea of which blonde tones would complement your skin tones and which won’t. Beyoncé, Rhianna, or Zendaya are some living proof of how gorgeous blonde is on dark skin. So, what are some blonde hair tones for Indians? The best way to choose the right shades for you is to determine your skin undertones.

  1. Undertones

As we mentioned above, what we’re calling ‘misconception’ here is the fact that it is not their skin tones which matter, but their undertones do. Knowing what your undertone is can completely change your blonde games. Basing on your undertones, you’ll be able to get the best blonde shades for your skin color. Here is how you determine your undertones:

٭ Step 1: Normally, standing under sources of light will bring out the color of your undertones. That’s also the very first step to determine the warmth of your skin. The light should be natural because the light from light bulbs can affect the hues of your undertones. Thus, when trying to identify what undertone you have, make sure to find a natural source of light.

Blonde Hair Tones for Indians

٭ Step 2: Look at the color of the veins on your wrist. There’re 3 shades of tones – cool, warm, and neutral.

#1: Cool – If you see bluish or purple hints, this means you have a cool undertone.

#2: Neutral – Neutral skin shade somewhere between the warm and cool undertones. For neutral skin shades, the colors of the veins are usually olive and blue-green.

#3: Warm – The last one is warm undertones. Those with warm undertones mostly got olive or yellow hues veins.

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  1. Blonde Hair Tones for Indians

It’ll be such a shame if you ditch your blonde lock thinking Indians won’t suit such colors. There’re great variety shades of blonde, that the blonde you had didn’t suit you doesn’t mean you can’t have other blondes. All you need to do is find out your skin undertones, and we’ll do the rest for you. Below, we have some blonde hair tones for Indians based on each skin tone for which you can go.

#1 Cool Skin

This may not be completely a shade of blonde, but it’s rather close to it. The first color we’re giving you is the ombré light brown. In fact, neutral hues not only suit every skin color but also never outdated.

Another hairstyle for you is this classic brunette mix with golden highlights. The warmth of the golden shade is the best complement for cool skin tones. If you possess a cool undertone, consider having a balayage hairstyle with golden tones mix with caramel blonde. You’ll definitely be shocked by the outcome.

Golden blonde mixed with some shades of brown can be a brilliant blonde hair tone for Indians with cooler skin tones. As both the chestnut brown shade and the blonde belong to the warmer palette, the combination of these two would make it a perfect match for cool skin girls. Besides, they add extra depth to flat hair as well.

#2 Neutral Skin

It’s actually a bit harder to find the suitable blonde hair tones for Indians with neutral undertones. Normally, if you have your undertone lie somewhere between the warm and the cool, it’s best to stick with your original dark hair. Should you really want to go blonde, then a neutral blonde shade that is mixed between brown and blonde can be the one for you. Depending on which sides your undertone is closer to, you can choose the right shades of blonde and brown to combine. For example, your neutral skin a on the warmer side, opt for some cool blonde shades incorporates with reddish brown. Meanwhile, if your skin is turning to the cooler side, consider a warm blonde balayage with cool brown and butterscotch blonde.

#3 Warm Skin

For warm skin undertones, they work well with cooler shades of hair colors. Therefore, the very first option for you is the mahogany tone. The fusion of the sweet strawberry red and some hints of the blonde makes your lock look bomb as if your tresses are actually made of thousands of rose petals while still being natural.

For the trendiest color, get a dull blonde dye with darker color melt into the lighters – from dark roots to ash brown and end up with champagne shade tips. Girls want to break the rule would want to try a balayage with champagne or ashy tones of blonde.

Having said that, while these blonde hair tones for Indians are cool, you should think of how your hair would eventually get damage and breakage due to the heavy chemical process of bleach and hair dye. As Indians have very thick hair texture, high chances are that you’ll have to have your hair bleached several times to get the blonde shades you want. This can be very harmful if you don’t have the right hair care routine or the specialized products for dyed hair.

In case you’re not confident with your hair care plan or your hair condition, the advice from us is you should spend some money investing in a set of our APO Store’s hair extension. We provide the best quality 100% Real Vietnamese Remy Hair with the best service. Our hair extensions are not only beneficial when it comes to dyeing hair but they also help protect your locks from any damages caused by heat, chemical, or any other ways of hairstyling.

Now that we give you some of our most favorite blonde hair tones for Indians, it’s your turn to give it a try. Make sure to tell us your stories and share your ideas (if any) in the comment section bellows. We hope to get stumble across your pictures as soon as possible.