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Angela Renée White, known professionally as Blac Chyna, is an American model and entrepreneur. In 2014, she launched her own make-up brand Lashed by Blac Chyna and a beauty salon in Encino, Los Angeles. In January 2016, Blac Chyna began dating with Kardashian. On April 5, 2016, they announced their engagement via Instagram after three months of dating. They also has two lovely kids. Blac Chyna is already rich and famous for her business.

Many people usually extend their use of makeup for several reasons. But we could admit that the best way of makeup is no makeup. There are a few women who can actually take off their “no makeup” successfully and Blac Chyna is a good example. She looks good at the 31 years old, even without makeup. There are some evidences proving the beauty of Blac Chyna no makeup and the most amazing photo is below.


Many people usually considered a make-up brand owner as Blac Chyna to be the one who is immensely beautified with full makeup. Right, we always see her being associated with something bold or loud. Sometimes she wears weird outfits and even dye her hair.

However, if you see Blac Chyna without makeup, you will appreciate her even more. Behind all the glitz and glamor is her natural beauty. Even without makeup on, she can still hold a candle next to a glammed up. She really has something to offer behind the tons of makeup she usually wears.


Her daily outfits

Although Blac Chyna is a well- known model and entrepreneur, who is always busy with her job but she also has the daily life as a wife, a mother like everybody. Sometime we see her walking on street or shoping in a grocery with just a simple outfit and without makeup.

We cannot deny that she is not young anymore, but she still look so attractive. It is not wrong to say that Blac Chyna is best-looking of her age. The picture right here described that, Blac Chyna no makeup, wears hoodies and looks amazing.


The natural beauty of childhood

We could admit that Blac Chyna looks naturally beautiful since she was small. In her friend’s party, she highlights easily among crowds with just minimal make up, she looks so cute and stunning. I am rather sure that in the 1990s, every young boy would fell in love with this girl. Then Blac Chyna becomes older, she still maintains her beauty without any makeup like what she was when she was young.


Comparison of with and without make up

Honestly, I see just a little difference between two pictures and i think it is no problem. Look at the left picture, Blac Chyna is wearing a black hat and has a long black hair, although she is without makeup, she still can shine with her smile. In my opinion, all men will agree that they are almost attracted by the left picture more than the right one.


Blac Chyna with her Husband

The picture was taken when Blac Chyna was shooting some photos with her husband. We can recognize that the couple are sharing many happy moments when they are together, especially, when Blac Chyna no makeup. In this picture, she has straight and natural hair and she is wearing a blue dress, all of them make her look so glamorous and confident in her natural beauty.


And that is generally all our opinion about the collection of Blac Chyna no makeup. What do you think about it? We hope that all of you would be more confident about your natural beauty. Be sure to share with us your thoughts. If you’re interested in this article, visit the APO Hair’s website for more posts like this. Thank for reading.