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These days, the young seem to pay less attention to the traditional black hair. They often have the tendency of finding new hairstyles and new hair colors that are possible to give them a new look. Lots of different shades such as smoky gray, moss green, red, highlight or ombre can be eye-catching and outstanding but today we are going to tell more about navy hair color – the leading choice of modern girls.

What is navy hair color?

The phrase navy hair color may sound a little bit strange but actually it is a very dark shade of the color blue. So what is the origin of the name “navy hair color”?

Navy hair color is, in fact, navy blue color. This color got its name from the dark blue worn by officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748 and subsequently adopted by other navies around the world. At first, people called it marine blue color. Gradually, the name of the color was changed to navy blue. Navy hair color has become one of the hottest hair trends in the hair market today.

What are the best hairstyles for navy hair color?

The Deep Blue Bob:  try this one out now if you realize that a stunning blue bob has not made it all the way towards your hair bucket list. This angular chin-length hairstyle is definitely the best look for aspiring or full-fledged fashionistas.

Cookie Monster Curls: this is one more typical hairstyle that you can achieve when you choose navy hair color. The shades of blue used for navy hair color were seemingly based after a certain sugar-loving muppet. Someone considers this to be a bad thing but actually not. This hairstyle looks extremely amazing on naturally dark hair.

Fairy chic: this is another great hairstyle idea for your navy hair color. The idea is to go for purple undertones beneath it. This creates the dramatic color transition a little bit easier on the eyes, as well as your own scalp.

Celebrities with navy blue hair        

Kylie Jenner – the new mom and reality TV star are famous for her constant change in hairstyle and hair color. The star does not hesitate to show off her navy hair color locks on her social media Websites. Also, the beautiful girl does not forget to wear her new navy blue hair to many different events including the Billboard Music Awards in 2014. Her hairstyle looks really attractive after a fresh dye job.

Demi Lovato. The second famous star with her outstanding navy hair color is no one but Demi Lovato. The “Tell Me You Love Me” singer and former Disney star looks so glamorous when wearing a streaky dip-dyed long tousled bob. She confidently sported this hairstyle at the Y100 Jingle Ball in 2013, back when she was still her rebellious chick phase.

Rita Ora: We cannot forget to talk about Rita Ora’s navy hair color style in this article. The British singer decides to change her normally blonde hair into the blue. In 2013, the celebrity first revealed her navy hair color locks in her Instagram post. Time flies, the star kept wearing that hairstyle in several events after that, including a Grammys party. It is clear that her navy hair color will always be a memorable hair inspiration for some.

How to achieve navy hair color?

To get the most perfect navy hair color, you have to undergo the bleaching process. This step is really important as it will help remove the old dye as well as lift the original hair tone to the highest brightness. Also, keep in mind that you need to wait about 2 to 3 days after bleaching to start dyeing navy hair color. The reason is that the hair needs time to recover before being dyed, preventing the hair from damage.

An outstanding and unique look is the result of navy hair color you can see. However, it is not everyone’s choice. To get the perfect navy color hairstyle, not only do you need to be confident, but you also need to find the courage to “sacrifice” your hair. If you really love this hair color, do not miss it. Apostore wishes you will be satisfied with all the styles you choose.