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It is important that you should take care of your own hair even when your hair is still in a quite good state. This helps you to ensure that your hair is always protected in the right way. Below, we will provide you some best hair care tips, expecting that they will be useful for you in your process of taking care of your hair.

Washing hair in the right way

The very first tips for washing hair in the right way is the way you choose shampoo and conditioner. You should get the shampoo which is suitable with your present hairstyle.

One thing you should remember is that oiling your hair before washing hair is also necessary. It can be olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil.

Also, in the process of washing your hair, do not rub your head so harshly. This will help to bring less damage to your hair, especially when your hair is too weak. In addition to that, the applying conditioner process should only be on the ends of the hair. Never try to do that from the root to the tip of hair. Rinse hair with water after about 2 minutes of this process.

Drying hair suitably 

The best way is to leave your hair naturally dry. This is good because it causes your hair no damages. In case you use a hairdryer, it can be harmful. The heat from hairdryer brings the bad effect like some other heat styling tools.

If you can help using hairdryer, please try to wait until your hair has been partly dry. The best option is choosing hairdryer only when you can ensure that the hair is 70% dry.  It will help to prevent your hair from being damage because at that time, your hair cuticle has had the ability to reduce heat damage.

Styling hair in the best way

It is wonderful when you can proficiently use your fingers to style your hair. With the help of your own hair, you will have a very natural hairstyle.

Our advice is that you should avoid heat styling products. Especially when your hair is weak, thin or easy to break, heat styling products are extremely harmful. It can bring you to your favorite hairstyle, but after that, the result is so bad.

So, is there any solution to this problem? We confirm that the answer is yes. The simplest way is to applying a heat protectant to your hair before using heat styling product. Heat protectant plays an important role because it acts as a barrier before the heat touch your hair.

Apohair hope that, with some hair care tips we provide above, you can find out your own way to keep the best for your beautiful hairstyle.