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September’s going by fast! Well, no worry because October is right around the corner, and it’s time came up with some ideas for this upcoming Halloween. As for us, it’s always been of our dream to recreate the mother of dragons. However, as much as we love Daenerys Targaryen, we’ve not yet made up our mind on what makeup style we should go for. For that reason, we would love to hear from you some opinions about these – as we consider – the best dragon makeup ideas. So make sure to keep scrolling down to get some dragon makeup ideas for this Halloween.

#1 All-pink Dragon Makeup

Cosplaying a dragon lady doesn’t mean you have to be as fierce as one. Instead, think of a girly yet so badass dragon lady; it would be insane! Having said that, dragon makeups require crazy good painting skills, or else you may ruin the look as soon as your face meets the brush. But again, if you’re not that familiar with face painting, consider asking for a professional stylist’s help. To recreate an all-pink dragon makeup look, you’ll want to look for some paintbrushes, face paint to replicate the look, and some bronze and black shades to add to the eyes. The very last thing to get the all-pink dragon makeup is to dye your hair pink (obviously) – you can opt for either permanent or temporary coloring, or some might need the support from hair extensions.

#2 Realistic Dragon Makeup

Wanna get real for Halloween? Then this is definitely the best dragon makeup idea for you. If you’re trying to make a strong impression for your dragon look, consider investing in a special effect kit and remember to get yourself some deep burgundy shade face paint. As for the hair, keep it as natural as possible, or maybe try to put some hair gel to create a sleek lock. The hair would be the decisive factor what characteristic you’re going to for your dragon look.


#3 Intense Dragon Makeup

Another crazy idea for the dragon makeup is this super intense makeup style. This is actually one of the creepiest looks we’ve come across, and we absolutely in love! With dark tone incorporating the intense shade of orange, this dragon makeup style would definitely make its way to the top searched topic once it comes out this Halloween.

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By the way, do you even notice the super-thin brow lines? This look is certainly a must-try at least once in our life. Oh, and don’t forget the black lips – you’ll need those!

#4 Easy Dragon Makeup

As we said before, dragon makeups require great drawing ability. Well, we lied. You can actually achieve a dragon look by just some green jewelry and some green sparkle to get the look. And remember to get very long false lashes and paint your lips green when replicating the look, OK? We guarantee that this makeup style is very doable – just some jagged shape on your face with the sparkle green powder and black eyeliner to draw on scales, and you’re done!

#5 Full-on Dragon Makeup

It’d be a huge mistake if we’re not talking about a full-on makeup for Halloween, I mean…how cool it is being a real dragon and takes everyone's attention with you. Be that as it may, this dragon makeup idea is not for beginners. Nevertheless, for those Halloween lovers who have already master in prosthetic, this look is yours. For a full-on dragon makeup, you want to have your reddish-gold face and body paint right now. Get ready because October 31 is not that far away.

Apart from a great deal of practice to get your dragon patterns real, you’ll need a whole lot of cosmetics always available in your purse as well. What’s even more, if you’re fully committed to your dragon makeup ideas, make sure to consider the hairstyle also. A fierce braid could do serious wonder to your lock. Trust me, you’d be shaken by how the hair can turn your normal makeup into an incredible dragon lady look.

In case you get confused about what to buy for your dragon makeup, here is a list of cosmetics that you should have:

#1 Before you get into doing anything on your face, make sure to apply the foundation to perfect your base.

#2 Depending on what dragon makeup idea is in your mind, opt for the appropriate lipsticks. It’s best to get yourself a liner brush as you will want to use it later on your eyes and your contour as well.

#3 Gold lipsticks are what you need next. It wouldn’t be a dragon if you don’t add some glam to it.

#4 Highlighter and contour are the most fun part. And make sure to set them in place using a finished powder so that you can keep your perfect makeup all day long.

#5 Eyeliners and eye shadows are indispensable as it can not only paint your eyes but other features on your face in order to recreate a dragon look.

#6 Girls love the sparkle and so do we. No dragon look would be complete if there isn’t some shimmery. As we won’t have to do much for the brows, try to highlight them by some sparkly jewels.

In any event, not to mention the Halloween, whether you’re choosing a creepy or cute effect, the dragon makeup can always come in the perfect form for you. Do give it a try and tell us your honest opinion about our best dragon makeup ideas in the comment section below. We hope to be able to stumble across your comments as soon as possible.