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Two days have just passed since the 2019 WWE. Looking back at some of the most iconic moments of WWE this year, we’re deeply stunned by our girl Becky Lynch. WWE fans often refer to women’s division superstar Becky as God’s greatest creation – bold yet actually accurate. The wrestler routinely kills her locks – both while performing and on her daily life pics.

Cosmetics have long been marketed to women that are highly self-conscious and appeal to our insecurities, and there’s no doubt that makeup would somehow distract from athleticism in the rings. Looking at the fierce Becky Lynch on stage, then look back to her daily life picture, we can hardly recognize the wrestler as she looks absolutely different (in a good way). Becky Lynch without makeup is much more stunning than what we’ve expected. Take a look at these pictures of her!

Born in 1987 in Irish, the beauty looks very young without her face being painted. Her fair skin looks as if it is glowing with her iconic red hair. Instead of red lips and dark shadowed eyes, we definitely prefer our Becky Lynch without makeup.

Seems like days of working out and sweating play a great role in making her skin flawless as now. Becky Lynch with no makeup looks perfectly fine with her natural alluring face. Her skin is spotless, way too youthful for a 32. We believe Becky Lynch puts on any makeup when she goes out and still rocks her looks wherever she is.

Not only her natural appearance but her confidence also, is what makes it so beautiful looking at Becky Lynch without makeup. Whether watching her on stage or looking at her pictures on the internet, we can clearly see that good vibe coming out from her. She radiates confidence and positivity, which makes it even more attractive. We thought that you should also try to go for the free-makeup look at least once to see if it would give you new perspectives about makeup. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

As a wrestler, Becky Lynch sees that she doesn't need to be putting on makeup 24/7. That’s why we have a lot of beautiful pictures of Becky Lynch without makeup. The 32-year-old is crazy beautiful in her daily life pictures. And to our surprise, Becky Lynch – the queen of wrestling, is actually very feminine. The picture of Becky Lynch and her friend Charlotte Flair posted years ago is still now one of our most favorite. This makeup-free duo definitely changes the game when it comes to showing off their natural beauty.

The life of a professional wrestler is not always the most glamorous, since her always stepping out of the lights with the most amazing looks. However, having the time of her life to be able to enjoy herself is what fans wish for. Therefore, spotting a bright Becky Lynch without makeup makes us feel relief, happy yet astonished. The entire image of this woman change when she showed up with a completely fresh face.

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It is not always a no-makeup Becky Lynch look she sports, she also goes out with her makeup routinely, but very decent. Instead of a full-on, we can usually sport the star with her light makeup and simply styled hair. The picture below is absolutely another pick for us.

It would be very fascinating seeing how different Becky Lynch without makeup from her on-stage images. We're eager to see how our girl will change in the coming years, both her appearance and her career. How about you? Knowing that even such fierce wrestler like Becky Lynch would rather refuse her makeup, would you want to give it a try? As long as you have your own skincare routine, and the perfect hairstyle, a no-makeup look wouldn’t be such a big deal anymore. For a great and glamorous look, just come with us and explore our great collection of hair extensions. We’re always available to talk about hair care and answer your queries about hair. Make sure you have yourself a great day and don’t forget to comment to us which celebrities you would like to be featured in our celebrities with no makeup series.