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Not only the well-known people need to be gorgeous, but also you need it. By “you” I mean everyone. Everyone wants to have better look and better life. Some people complain about how their appearance affects their career and life. They say they used to lose their jobs or opportunities because they did not spend enough time and money to have better hair. You know what, don’t wait until you are put into that situation. Go and find for yourself your perfect hair extensions.

The hair extensions can help you to have a smooth, silky and soft hair which will help to enhance your face so much better. Besides, let’s think about it this way. When you have to act like another person who have completely different hair styles and appearance, you definitely have to try on some hair extensions or wigs. 28 inch weave wavy hair is what I want to talk about today.

What is 28 inch weave wavy hair?

Apo weave wavy human hair is sure to make it easy and convenient to use as it is weft together.

It is also soft, color-true and stay-in-place so you don’t have to worry about its five-stared quality and transparent origination.

Having no knots, no insects, Apohair 28 inch weave wavy hair is definitely a wise choice for luscious looking, eye-catching hair extensions.

Available colors: black, brown, light brown, yellow and mixed highlight.

In Apohair, every single product is perfect. But why 28 inch is the most suitable one? Because it is long enough to make you look girly, gorgeous and beautiful but not too long. If it is too long, it can make you feel inconvenient some time.

With this length you look just like a princess. In case long, floating hair makes you feel bored, let make a change by styling it the other way. For example, you can braid it very gently. Remember to make it gently so that you don’t ruin your Vietnamese hair extensions.

28 inch weave wavy or curly is more romantic?

If I were you, I would definitely choose wavy hair. Wavy hair looks like waves which are flowing in the wind. Isn’t that romantic? Since it is like waves, it makes other people think that your hair is so soft, light and soothing. Everyone wants to touch it.

However, it is alright if you love curly hair. There’s no way to say which one is better. You have to figure out which one suits your face the most. In Apohair, we offer both curly and wavy hair with the best quality, so no matter which is your choice, you will have a better appearance.

If you still have questions about our products, please feel free to find other information in our websites.