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12 inch weave curly hair is called an angel in the list of hair extensions in Apohair, and it is one of the most favorite hair products of customers from Europe. This post today will help you figure out the reason why.

And you may hear about Apohair because Apohair is one of the biggest hair wholesale from Vietnam. Our hair is distributed to customers in many countries like USA, Russia, Spain, Japan….

Let’s see more detail about 12 inch weave curly hair.

12 inch is the length of 12 inch weave curly hair. Many customers order this length because it is really suitable for make different short hairstyles. There are many previous posts that are about short hairstyles in our wed, so you can go there and consult.

Curly hair is never be out of fashion. It is always the hairstyle which is chosen most by celebrities. There are also many kinds of curly hair, but all of them always make you look more luxurious and elegant.

Weave hair wins customers by their structure. It is pretty simple and you can apply weave hair in short time with not much effort.

All the collected hair will be weft very carefully by machine with the professional process. Strands in the result are arranged very neat and genuine. You can put your hand and feel it flipping through the hair very fluently.

One thing that sets Apohair from many competitors in the world is that 100% hair to make 12 inch weave curly hair is from virgin hair of Vietnamese women.

Why we call it virgin hair?

‘Virgin’ is the word that refers to unprocessed and intact hair. Virgin hair nearly keep all the natural features of real hair, all the strands are running in the same direction.

We always collect virgin hair for numbers of reasons:

  • Virgin hair lasts much longer than non-remy hair, it can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.
  • Virgin hair always keep the smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair.
  • Virgin hair can be dyed and bleached as you want.

We highly suggest you should be clear about what are virgin hair to find the best hair products because there are many fake virgin hair in the hair market. Be careful, and if you have any question, feel free to contact us.