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Have you ever thought that you will try on something which makes you more different? If you have, then looking for new hair color can be a good selection. Dark brown, light brown, blonde, these can be quite outstanding hair colors. But unfortunately, you don’t love those shades, just because you are not interested in them. Read our blog and, you will find one more option for a new hair color. Maybe, it can bring you much satisfaction. What we are going to recommend to you today is a blue black hair dye.

What is blue black hair dye?

Basically, you can understand this hair color as its own name. Blue black hair color refers to a combination of black and blue colors. With a change of this hair color, you are having a really new and attractive appearance. Blue black hair shade lets you find a dark, sultry and cool edge. This is exactly what you are looking for.

Once you decide to put your own hairstyle in blue black color, it means that you are going to be subtle and chic. Wherever you are, in the office or your birthday party, blue black hair will always help to increase your beauty.

Depending on your demand, you will choose a suitable level of hair dye for this blue black color. The color will transform in different lighting and the deep dark color will leave your hair with great depth and shine. Especially, you should search for a dark blue black color that can effectively give a high loss. At that time, you will certainly get your favorite hair shades that make you more satisfied later.

What are the most typical types of blue black hair dye?

Blue highlights

Blue highlights may be what you need if you love to inject some color. In this circumstance, we highly recommend that you should pair those highlights with a deep blue black hair color as the base. Besides, you can also add highlights to your natural color, just to rejuvenate your look.

For blue highlights, it will best if you are owning a layered hairstyle. Blue highlights work extremely well in layered hair. In addition, you can also add texture or fullness to your hairstyle in your dyeing blue highlight. Of course, those processes will be implemented according to your favorite style.

The all over look

It cannot be denied that this is an impressive hair color for your hairstyle. Applying this all over look, you will see clearly what works for your skin tone and style. When fair skin usually works better using more of a purple blue, darker skin will require a deep cooler blue.

In terms of hairstyle, short and cropped styles are considered to be the most suitable hairstyle if you choose all over look like the main color.

Below are some pictures who own beautiful blue black hair. Let’s check out how they have changed with those hairstyles.

Fun bob

You will certainly be excited about this hair color if you are having a simple bob hairstyle. When blue black color is put in bod, you immediately change into a fantastic appearance, the beauty of messy hairstyle.

Long and luscious

If you are finding a luscious look, never say no with blue black hairstyle. The application of this hair color will definitely make you stand out. Also, it helps to add depth, gloss and especially glam to your present hairstyle.

Long, layered and glossy

Mystery is all you can see in the dyeing of blue black color for your long, layered and glossy hair. A subtle blue tint will bring interest, texture and gloss to your hair.

Mid-length with a twist

This is considered to be a classical hairstyle. However, it does not mean that you cannot add blue shade to your black color. Whatever hairstyle you are having, blue black hue is always attractive. Right now, your hair is dark, sultry. And when the blue tin is added, chic is no longer what you do not need to look for anymore.

Colorful casual curls

It will be much easier if you are having long hairstyle. The reason is that it long curls will enable you do your blue black hair dye more effectively. You will be so romantic with this lovely hairstyle.

Can we add blue black hair dye to hair extensions?

Absolutely! However, it should be hair extensions which experience little or no process. Why? Because when the hair used to get some process such as dyeing or bleaching too many times, it becomes weaker and weaker. The hair is easy to be shed, which is bad.

Apohair’s hair extensions can be a good choice if you are finding a reliable hair supplier. We are providing hair products in a variety of styles, colors, textures and lengths. You can completely pick any hairstyle you love. Especially, hair with natural color (black color) is really to add color, not except for blue black hair dye.

Are you attracted by this special color? We really hope that all our information above is useful. So, if you do not hesitate to change your appearance, then what are you looking for? Once you try on blue black hair color, we believe that it is never boring. Apohair loves to become your companion in your daily life. We are looking forward to seeing your change into a completely new beauty.