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What makes 24 inches double drawn wavy outstanding?

24 inches double drawn wavy of APO hair is made from 100% real human hair high quality, no animal hair, no synthetic, no tangle, no processing chemically in any way. We has a factory to produce and control the quality of products follow to customer’s requirement.

24 inches double drawn wavy 

What is more?

Vietnamese double drawn wavy hair is supposed to be one of the most natural-looking hair in the world. It is not only self-explanatorily beautiful but also very soft, tender and elegant. It is taken from Vietnamese women who often have long, black natural hair. All the hair is 100% Virgin human hair – no mix with synthetic hair. Therefore, you do not have to worry whether it can be harmful or not.

Speaking of the standards of the hair, you probably know that we have four main standards, right? Single drawn quality type 1(VS1), single drawn quality type 2(VS2), double drawn quality type 1(VD1) and double drawn quality type 2(VD2). Each one has its own characteristics.

24 inches double drawn wavy 

Single drawn hair is believed to be the lightest hair because it has both short hair and long hair. The hair strands do not have the same length, so the thickness is different also. Here, double drawn hair has same hair length, so the thickness remains the same along the hair.

When it comes to the hair type, machine weft hair is one for the most popular hair extensions. It might need some hair pinners to secure to the real hair but it is basically easy to use. Alongside with machine weft hair or weave hair, we also has I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions) and tape hair extensions which are really convenient to apply. All you need to do is just use the tips and clips attached on the hair to secure it.

24 inches double drawn wavy 

Lace closure and full lace wigs are different from hair extensions as they are sewn into the lace. If you buy one of these types of hair, you just need to wear it on effortlessly.

Last but not least, you can find your favorite hair color in the category of hair color. We have wide range of color for you to choose. They are black, brown, yellow, blonde, ombre, mix color and highlight color which is highlighted by two or more colors. Choosing the most suitable color might challenging; however, it is worthy.