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8 inches double drawn wavy of APOHAIR is made from 100% real human hair high quality, no animal hair, no synthetic, no tangle, no processing chemically in any way. We has a factory to produce and control the quality of products follow to customer’s requirement.

What are the main features of 8 inches double drawn wavy?

8 inches double drawn wavy 1

Here, double drawn refers to the hair standard of this hairstyle. We have two main levels for this hair standard, including double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 2.

Wavy expresses hair textures. In APOHAIR, you can choose natural wavy hair, deep wavy hair or body wavy. Also, curly and straight hair with many typical textures are always available.

There has been more and more types of hair extensions nowadays. That means customers has more choices for their hair solution. Some people might love tape in hair extensions or machine weft hair extensions while some choose bulk hair to make their own hair extensions. Sometimes, our I-U-tip clip in (hair extensions) also tends to meet the demand of many people.

I-U-tip clip in hair extensions is a short term of I-tip, U-tip hair extensions and clip in hair extensions. Most of the time, these hair extensions are attached with tips and clips in so that you can use easily and neatly.

Besides, we also recommend the Full lace wigs and Lace closure of Apohair. Full lace wigs and lace closure are the hair which is sewn into the lace. For closure it can be sewn into a rectangle lace and full lace wigs is sewn into a large lace that can make a whole-head hair style.

8 inches double drawn wavy 2

If you do not like hair extensions which concentrates on the volume and length of the hair, you can choose wigs which give you a completely new hair style.

With double drawn wavy hair, weft hair and bulk hair are two typical hairstyles that are provided by APOHAIR.

What is the origin of 8 inches double drawn wavy?

All of our hair extensions is made of 100% human real hair. Our hair is Virgin human hair – no mix which is taken from Vietnamese long natural black hair. As it is human real hair, there is no way that we use chemical to process the hair. We also make sure there is no synthetic hair inside which can cause bad effects on your health.

8 inches double drawn wavy 3

Vietnam human hair is the hair which grows very rapidly, strong and thick enough. Thanks to the routine and diet of the people here, they have hair long enough to donate to us. The hair is naturally beautiful.

In addition to the options that we offer above, we still have Color hair with many colors for you to choose. Black, brown, yellow, blonde, ombre, highlight and mix color… are what we have to offer. You can also require any colors that you love, we will make it for you.