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We all know that genes and environmental elements have a huge influence on our Vietnam human hair. However, besides genes and environmental elements, some bad habits can quickly damage our hair, too. Here are some typical examples.

1.      Tie your hair too tightly

You shouldn’t tie your Vietnam human hair too tightly because it can pull your hair out of the hair follicles, which makes hair roots loosened. Consequently, the hair will break more easily. This can cause hair loss and even lead to baldness. Moreover, tying your hair too tightly may leave a big crease or dent in your hair.

2.      Comb your hair the right way

Many of you have the habit of combing Vietnam human hair whenever you wash your hair without knowing that your Vietnamhuman hair is very fragile and is prone to break when it is wet. And many believe that the more you comb your hair, the smoother it is. In fact, this belief is completely wrong as combing your hair too often is one of the main reasons for hair breakage and hair fall.

Additionally, choosing suitable comb for your hair is also an important thing. Instead of using a normal comb, comb your Vietnam human hair 1-2-times a day with a wide-tooth comb.

3.      Drying your hair at a high temperature

Using the dryer at a high temperature regularly can damage the hair cuticle, lead to split ends and hair breakage. According to Dr. Bauman “Once the cuticle is damaged, the moisture balance is disrupted and your hair is more prone to breakage” Dr. Bauman. Therefore, if you have time, it’s better to let your Vietnam human hair dry naturally or you can dry your hair with a fan.

4.      Use shampoo and conditioner the wrong way

Almost all girls make at least one of the following mistakes: using too much shampoo and conditioner at a time, switch shampoo and conditioner continually, don’t rinse out all of the conditioner, glob conditioner onto the roots of hair or even skip conditioner. It can’t be denied that these mistakes are the top causes leading to common hair problems.

5.      Don’t cut the hair ends

The fact is that hair ends are the most tangled part of hair which have much split ends as well as damaged hair. But because of preferring long hair, many girls don’t want to cut this damaged part. As a result, your Vietnam human hair grows slowly and it is more and more tangled. It’s better to spend time cutting your tangled hair ends every 2-3 months.

Hope that this writing can help you to avoid all of those 5 bad habits for hair.