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The excitement that Christmas and New Year bring always makes our life more and more colorful. We see people are busier preparing the loveliest things to decorate their houses. Christmas trees and bright lights are beginning to spread the wonderful atmosphere of the year-end holiday. On this special occasion, don’t forget some extravagant outfits, your fair skin, the pretty hands with a cute nail and also an attractive hairstyle.

Ashley hair

There is no doubt that Christmas is one of the best chances for our girls to appear in their best appearance. It would be great if someday, we meet our idols in their best costumes and hairstyles for this year's Christmas season. Here, we are talking about our beautiful celebrity – Ashley Benson and her decision to pursuing a new hairstyle for Christmas. Ashley Benson just debuted her latest short hairstyle for Christmas.

Ashley hairstyle

Something about Ashley Benson

If you have ever fallen in love with Hanna Marin in the teen mystery-drama television series Pretty Little Liars (2010-2017) then Ashley Victoria Benson is not a strange name to you, right? Ashley Victoria is a famous American actress and model. The celebrity receives much love from her fans not only because of her talent but also her attractive appearance.

Ashley hairstyle

Ashley Benson debuted her new short hairstyle

People usually say that this is the season for setting up a last-minute appointment with your hairstylist to shine in a Christmas season with a fresh haircut or new hair color. Why? Because there is no better reason to switch up your hairstyle than a whole new year. Right in step with the most suitable timing is Ashley Benson. Recently, our girl has just debuted a short bob that she and her stylist are dubbing “The Bobsen”. Right, Ashley Benson just debuted her latest short hairstyle for Christmas.

Ashley short hair

If you follow Ashley’s Instagram, you might know this picture. In the early days of December, the actress took to Instagram to show off her newest chin-grazing haircut, courtesy of the famous hairstylist Marc Mena. In her photo, she wrote, “The Bobson by @marcmena”. Shining in the short beautiful light brown hairstyle, Ashley received a lot of compliments from netizens with her image. The photo quickly reached nearly 680,000 likes and reactions. Ashley Benson just debuted her latest short hairstyle for Christmas and this is such a wonderful thing.

In another post, the stylist Mena also shared the glamorous hairstyle of Ashley on his page. Along with the attractive photo, the stylist says “Just in time for the Holidays The Ashley #Bobson.” A lot of people consider that when Ashley Benson just debuted her latest short hairstyle for Christmas, she is more and more attractive.

Ashley short hairstyle

Mena also shared that Benson’s short hair transformation, in fact, was not impromptu. It is part of a hair-restoration that kicked off this past September with her “clavicle bob”. Ashley really wants to gradually get out of her hair extensions. That’s why when we began to do the “clavicle bob” a few months ago, we cut her hair to make it get rid of the old ends from years of color and damage. Also, this time around, the two removed her extensions once and for all, which Ashley celebrated on her Instagram Stories. She happily stated that: “This is the first time I’ve never had extensions on my whole life”. The beautiful actress seemed to be so excited about this special thing.

You might be amazed but the fact is that Benson is not the only celebrity to go the shorter head of Christmas. Besides Ashley, there are many other celebrities who choose a short hairstyle for their new appearance to celebrate Christmas. Last month, we are excited about Jennifer’s Lopez when she debuted a pre-winter chop last month. In addition, Zoe Kravitz also refreshed herself with her preferred pixie two weeks ago. That’s why if you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time to go shorter. Look no further than the stars for all the inspiration you need for a new hairstyle this Christmas. Ashley Benson just debuted her latest short hairstyle for Christmas, how about you?

Ashley latest short hairstyle

Ashley Benson's short hairstyle is impressive, right? Hair inspiration from Ashley Benson may be awesome. However, it is not the only hairstyle you can try on. There are many other gorgeous hairstyles that you can rely on to find the most perfect style for your new appearance. We are continuously updating new hair trends that you can apply for Christmas and New Year.

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