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If you are looking for new hair inspiration, you might need to take a look back at some iconic hairstyles through years of some celebrities. Today, we are here to provide you the hair history of Angelina Jolie a 44-year-old famous star.

Being an American actress and filmmaker now, Jolie has begun us with her on-screen fierce movies all around the world.  Angelina Jolie is not only known worldwide as a humanitarian, an actress and a social activist; she has been regarded as one of the most influential person including her hairstyles since her actress career. From natural straight hair to a blunt bob, she was so gorgeous through Angelina Jolie’s hair history.


The famous star started her actress career in the film “Cyborg 2” with a natural long-haired look. With her full lips and bright blue eyes, the 18-year-old girl was recognized to be a famous actress in the future.


It can be said that Angelina has never been afraid to try new things with her hair. In 1997, at the premiere of the film “Playing God”, she had a razor-sharp short crop on the red carpet.


On SAG Awards in 1999, Angelina Jolie softened her hairstyle. She styled it into a gently curled bob and colored it a light brunette. Her hair is actually what we’re living for since day one. She looks like a real princess with a white dress and the bod hairstyle.


Here is she at the Academy Awards in 2000 with long, black, straight hair. There is no doubt that this natural hairstyle is her trademark hair in Angelina Jolie’s hair history because this hairstyle was perfectly fit for her face.


In 2001, Angelina Jolie curls the bottom half of her hair for a glossy finish at the Original Sin film premiere in 2001.



The Alexander actress went for Old Hollywood glam with long retro curls and arched brows. Anyone has to admit that with this hairstyle, Angelina looked so charming, right.

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In the same year, here’s Angelina with auburn hair at the Venice Film Festival



At the Los Angeles Premiere of “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, she wore her hair slicked back in a natural shade of chocolate brown.



At a press conference for Changeling in 2008, Jolie had a gentle hair with very loose curls. Let’s be honest, fresh face Angelina Jolie is the prettiest thing ever.



This half-up look with loose curls is just perfect - Angelina at the Ocean's 13 premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, 2007.



This swept style was debuted in the London premiere. Angelina Jolie cut these gorgeous bangs for her film Salt. Moreover, one thing made her more outstanding was the lighter highlights. It very suited her and the layers help to add lots of volume to her hair.




This photo was taken at the premiere of Maleficent in Hollywood, California on May 2014. There is no doubt that this gorgeous high pony hair made her so charming and gentle. It doesn’t seem to be her hair extensions, just her natural hair.



At Golden Globes 2018, Jolie’s was so dark and swept back into this low, textured bun. This hair makes Angelina more charming, right?

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