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Once your Vietnamese hair extensions have been fitted, how you look after them and how closely you follow your aftercare routine will have a dramatic impact on how long your hair extensions last. In this article we shall look at one of the number 1 maintenance problems for hair extensions wearers, sleeping with your hair wet.

If you have very long hair extensions, the best way to wear them at night it to secure them in a braid. A braid is a great style as it keeps your hair out of the way, and it very easy to deconstruct in the morning before brushing.

Not only does securing your hair extensions in a braid keep them nice and tidy, it also prevents the hair extensions from becoming caught either by you rolling over them, or by a partner, pet, or child unknowingly laying on your hair extensions.

In addition to keeping your hair extensions safe, securing them in a braid has the added benefit of forming a natural wave through the hair extensions, resulting in you being able to opt for a simple style in the morning, brushing the hair extensions and leaving them wavy for a quick and effortless style.

It is very important when securing your hair extensions at night that you are using a suitable hair bobble which does not cause your hair extensions bonds any tension, and prevents snagging which can cause split ends.

If you have shorter hair extensions, sometimes a braid is not possible, especially if you have only had the hair extensions to add thickness and not much length. In the instance simply securing your hair in a ponytail will be enough to keep your hair out of the way whilst you are sleeping. If possible, try to fold your ponytail under itself, as this will secure the hair and prevent it from tangling or creating friction against your pillow case.

In addition to securing your Vietnam remy hair extensions and making sure they are dry, you can also use a satin pillow case which will help prevent matting because of the smooth surface which promotes less friction.

By following these simple steps when preparing your hair for bed, your hair extensions will be easy to manage in the morning and will stay in a healthy condition the entire time you are wearing them. A little effort goes a long way with hair extensions, and these steps are worth following to ensure your hair extensions stay beautiful at all times.

One of the key rules for hair extension wearers of any kind is that you must under no circumstances sleep with your Vietnamese hair extensions wet or damp. Damp or wet hair extensions promote tangles and in worst case scenarios cause matting, therefore before you sleep and tie your hair back you must make sure your hair extensions are 100% dry.