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As we all know, makeup helps all of us more gorgeous and fancy even our celebrities. We always see our idols hitting red carpets with extravagant clothes and fiercest faces. However, when #nomakeup and #wokeuplikethis selfies started trending on social media, celebrities were quick to ditch their foundation and powder for fresher faces. Many people have to admit that whether it’s at awards-show red carpets or using hashtags like #nomakeup, celebrities are showing the world that they are still perfect in their own beauty.

Here’s what some celebrities look like without makeup that would inspire us to put down the makeup brushes.

Demi Lovato

This photo was cut from Demi Lovato’s video. In this video, she completely took off her makeup for a Vogue video in celebration of International Women’s day. She slowly removed her makeup and even her hair extension. Some seem to be surprised to see this video, but if you are a fan of her, you won’t. Demi wants to remind all the women that they have the right to express themselves in the way they want – be in with or without makeup. Many social media users praised Demi Lovato on Youtube and Facebook that she looks much younger and prettier without makeup.

Lady Gaga


On February 28th, Lady Gaga posted a photo of herself wearing nothing but white towels. She wrote that Tiffanyandco let her wear their iconic, 141-year-old Tiffany diamond on Academy Awards ceremony for Best Original Song. She also said that it was her honor to wear it because the last person to wear this was Audrey Hepburn while promoting Breakfast at Tiffany’s. In spite of having more than 128 carats diamonds around her neck in the picture, Lady Gaga makes us surprised because of her face without any makeup. The natural freckles seem to make our diva more charming with her light pink glow skin. “So gorgeous. Love you” or “The freaking natural beauty is just so pure” were supportive comments that viewers sent to Lady Gaga.

Ariana Grande


This cute and charming photo showed us that with no makeup, Ariana Grande still looks fabulous and hot. Like other girls, Ariana Grande doesn’t like to wear any makeup on her face when she’s at home. She has a natural face with smooth and flawless skin. I’m sure that even her anti-fan would admit that she really glitters without the set lights.



From a very early age, Zendaya is one of the most well-known celebs in Hollywood. Besides this, she also has a stunning face without makeup. There is no doubt that we all had at least a selfie picture in our life and Zendaya is not an exception. In this photo, she looks really appealing and charming with her minimal makeup face. As we can see, Zendaya almost took off the mascara, eye shadow, or even eyeliner. Zendaya received a lot of supportive comments because of her natural beauty.

Emily Clarke


If you are a big fan of the HBO fantasy television series Game of Thrones, you can’t forget the character Emily Clarke - Mother of dragons. During almost 8 seasons of Game of Thrones, the audience would see a queen with a cold face; however, in the real life, she has a fresh face with a big smile and funny eyebrows. Like Lady Gaga and Demi Lovato, the Game of Thrones star also joined the trend #nomakeup with a meaningful message to her fans: A bare face is attractive. This bare-faced photo was posted on the social media by Emily without any caption or any explanation to why she chose to upload it. Without any makeup, this celebrity still looks literally gorgeous and charming.

Katy Perry


The sweetheart singer Katy Perry looks so innocent and beautiful both on screen and off the screen. With full makeup on stage, many audiences would be surprised by this picture. Although she wears no makeup but still possesses the quality to impress us with her million dollar smile and flawless skin. No eyebrow, no eyeliner or even no lipstick, Katy still has an alluring presence that makes her such an adorable person.


The English golden voice, Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, usually wears a full makeup with dark eye shadow and eyeliner. And this is a rarely bare-faced photo of her. Even though a little of her tiredness under her yes, we can’t deny that Adele has a flawless spot free skin with a cute widespread smile that seems smooth as milk and bright as the dawn.

Christina Aguilera


Christina Aguilera used to say that she had never been shy about dolling herself up with vivid eyeliner and her trademark deep shades of lipstick. Hence, millions of fans were overwhelmed when they saw this new photoshoot of Christina Aguilera. She has joined the make-under trend for Paper Magazine. Many social users commented that Christina looks much younger without her usual makeup look.