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If you have ever dreamed of a stunning gorgeous short hair, let’s 8 inches weave straight hair help you. 8 inches weave straight hair contains all the natural hair features because it has the origin from Vietnamese women hair.

It is really an honor for Apohair to be one of the biggest hair suppliers from Vietnam. 8 inches weave straight hair is also one of the favorite hair extensions of many customers in the world.

Description of 8 inches weave straight hair

With 8 inches weave straight hair, you will own a beautiful hair with the hair touch you shoulders. Let’s imagine how active and younger you are with that hair especially with weave straight hair.

You can find many other brands with weave hair but one thing for sure that just in Apohair can you find weave hair which is totally remy hair with no mix of synthetic hair or non remy hair.

One feature that win customers’ trust is that weave hair from Apohair is that with the professional weft process by machine, there is no place left for tangles or mess. It look absolutely neat and genuine.

It is offered with many standards such as:

  • Single drawn hair
  • Double drawn hair
  • Super high quality drawn hair
  • Euro standard drawn hair

Now I will provide you some exceptional features of these previous standards. First is single drawn hair. You can easily own it with low price but you have to know that it is the collections of both long and short strands in the same bundle.

On the contrast with single drawn hair, euro standard drawn is a perfect hair that contains both same length in a bundle. And it look so natural, believe me.

You can also choose double and super high quality drawn hair. Both of them will never let you down with their high quality and beautifulness.

Remember that you can find many other types of hair extensions in Apohair like bulk hair, lace closure, frontal and full lace wigs.

Along with weave straight, we also provide another nother textures of weave hair like weave curly or wavy. Feel free to choose.

About the hair colors, this is what you can find in our stock.

  • Dark shades: black, brown, light brown, ombre…
  • Bright shades: yellow, light yellow, blonde, highlight color and so on…

Besides, we sell our hair in many lengths, not only just 8 inches. It is varied from 6 inches to 32 inches.

How to get a good result when applying weave straight hair?

The answer is really easy. It just need a bit your patience and carefulness.

So first you should wash and condition your hair before any other steps in the application.

Secondly, collect all the necessary supplies, because without them you will waste more time and be more tired.

Then when applying weave hair, you should be slow and careful step by step. And you should definite consult with hair dresser about applying them.