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How long didn’t you change your hairstyle? You just thought that this current  hairstyle is the best for you? Then you may quite wrong because if you don’t try on something new how do you know is it good or bad for you? Listen, you should change yourself to see how you look and let’s 8 inch weave curly hair.

Over the 15 years, Apohair have supplied hair to customers all over the world. We always try our best to serve customers with all our heart. In the result, we are becoming the biggest hair wholesale from Vietnam.

What is 8 inch weave curly hair?

Weave now become very popular with modern girls and there are some reasons for that. Firstly, its structure is basically simple. It is like a curtain when you stretch it out, but its function is actually more amazing than a normal curtain. Secondly, it is easier for you to contribute hair to all your head.

8 inch weave curly hair wil ease your obsession with fine hair or thin hair. You will own a very think and gorgeous hair. 8 inch is enough for an active girl to shine and make impression to everyone.

Color hair is getting more and more popular in the whole world. We know that and we offer you wide range of color hair. You can choose whatever color that you want.

Besides, we want just to make sure that our priority is always 100% remy hair from Vietnamese women

Our hair is totally Vietnam human hair with no mix hair or chemical. So it is very smooth and you don’t have to worry about side-effects.

It is now available with many lengths from 6 inch to 32 inch, not just 14 inch but more. It is divided into bundles which weigh about 100 grams per each bundle.

Why we call virgin hair?

‘Virgin’ is the word that refers to unprocessed and intact hair. Virgin hair nearly keep all the natural features of real hair, all the strands are running in the same direction.

We always collect virgin hair for numbers of reasons:

  • Virgin hair lasts much longer than non-remy hair, it can last up to a year with proper care and maintenance.
  • Virgin hair always keep the smooth, tangle free beautiful natural looking hair.
  • Virgin hair can be dyed and bleached as you want.

We hope you find it useful when you have intention to buy 8 inch weave curly hair.