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Brown hair with blonde extensions has been regarded as one of the cutest hair trends from time to time. A lot of people choose to have their hair styled in the blend of these two colors. It is never an exaggeration to say that this beautiful and classic hairstyle can suit and satisfy both reserved and outgoing personalities.

What do you know about highlight styles of brown hair with blonde extensions?

Apostore believes that you don’t need to spend much time to understand this hairstyle. Actually, this is a combination of brown and blonde colors, in which your natural hair is brown and the hair extension is made in blonde tone.

What makes this timeless combo become so wonderful is due to the fact that it is perfect for a fancy and easygoing event alike. Also, it is appropriate for many different places such as school, work as well as other environments and occasions. Below are the 8 most gorgeous highlight ideas of brown hair with blonde extensions.

Dark brown hair with blonde extensions for highlights

This highlight style would be the best solution if you own naturally dark brown hair. A fabulous set of platinum highlights is all you need to bring to life. This combination will not only shape your lovely locks but also add color to your rich roots.

Light brown hair with blonde extensions for highlights

In this hairstyle, blonde extensions and light brown hair will go hand in hand. We cannot deny the fact that the tones are similar makes this a soft and splendid blend. Of course, this blonde will not come off as flashy but rather as sunkissed.

Half brown, half blonde

Almost all of us admit that ombre hair has revolutionized the beauty industry. However, what can you do if you don’t want such an abrupt transition?

Can you do something more different? The answer is absolutely! You can combine your blonde extensions with delicate highlights that spring from your own brown roots and then blend into your desired gradient.

Short brown hair with blonde extensions highlights

Don’t misunderstand that having short hair mean you can’t get a glamorous set of highlights. You can look at the picture below. Bob haircuts look ravishing when you add blonde streaks to a brown base.

Brown and blonde balayage

One more way for us to style brown hair with blonde extensions is with some help from the balayage coloring technique. You will certainly be satisfied as this ultra-trendy method is able to help you transition from a brown base to eye-catching blondes locks with the support of blonde hair extensions. Of course, this method does not draw too much attention to the dye.

Highlights and bangs

Don’t tell us that you are not impressed by this sweet look. You can always add some sweet bangs to your own brown hair with blonde extensions highlights to find out a completely new look. Especially, to simultaneously contour your highlights your natural features, you can also go for some side-swept bangs.

Medium brown hair with highlights

You realize that your natural color is not too dark or not too light. Don’t worry and hate those locks. You should keep in your mind that medium brown locks can also be brilliant and beautiful if you know how to combine some blonde extensions streaks throughout them.

You wonder how to maintain an all-around earth tones color scheme and here, we suggest that you should look for some honey or caramel highlights.

Chocolate brown hair with blonde extensions

Well, milk chocolate brown hair and honey highlights would be the best choice for a breathtaking mix. It is such a piece of good news to know that these two natural tones can blend remarkably well together and give us seemingly effortless results.

There are a lot of attractive hairstyles for the combination of brown hair with blonde extensions. Especially, we are having various types of blonde hair extensions in our Apostore’s collection. If you really love this highlight hairstyles, just contact us to pick up any type of blonde hair extensions in our stock. We are happy to serve all of you and bring you the most perfect beauty.