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During the Christmas season, each day of the holiday is a day full of pre-Christmas catch-ups and parties on the horizon. It means that many of us have resigned ourselves to a month of not enough sleep, too much alcohol and maybe all the wrong foods (well, it is Christmas). Even the most organized person of us can feel their pulse rate spiking a few beats more than normal over the festive season. Unfortunately, when you feel stressed, it also means your stressed skin, but other than hibernating for the entire festive season, how can your skin survive December? Below are some skincare tips we really want to share with you. 

Have beauty sleep

skincare tips

A beautiful sleep is a wonderful thing, right? This is also the very first tip for skincare we mention here. First of all, make sure that you have some nights firmly blocked out for beauty sleep. Proper rest helps maintain proper blood flow to the skin around your face, giving it that rosy-cheeked inner “glow.” Your skin can repair and regenerate strongly only when you are in deep sleep, so if you do back-to-back party nights it simply doesn't have any time to make itself beautiful again.

Drink water

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Drinking enough water is the second haircare tip. You have heard it a thousand times before but we still need to repeat this useful advice: drink water. In between glasses of mulled wine and Prosecco, pepper in a few glasses of water. Your kidneys and skin will thank you for it. When the toxins build up, your essential nutrients drop and it’s also high time for alcohol to dehydrate your body. Even though the skin is the largest organ in your body, it is always the last one to get any essential nutrients, oxygen or water so being pickled for hours will literally suck the life out of your skin leaving it looking dull and often blotchy.

Pay attention to your sugar intake

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Remember to step away from the Cadbury's Roses (or whichever jumbo tub of chocolates you find yourself dipping in to). There is no such thing as "just one more" and the same goes for mince pies! Sugar may be beneficial that gives you a little energy boost to get you through the midday hump but with your skin, it’s not. Sugar causes inflammation in the body which promotes glycation of your collagen fibers (i.e. it stops them being supple), which leads to wrinkles and loss of firmness in the skin. If that's not enough for you to step up your will power, sugar causes havoc with your insulin levels, which has a direct impact on your hormones and when they are imbalanced you could be subjected to an acne breakout or a sensitivity flare-up. And you know, rashy, blotchy skin is not on anyone's Christmas list, ever.

Try food alternatives

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If you really need a chocolate hit each day, why you don’t try Esthechoc. It is dark chocolate that is jam-packed with antioxidant polyphenols and anti-inflammatory astaxanthin (which comes from the same algae that salmon and flamingos eat). It is actually beneficial for skin, so you do get the best of both worlds. It is a nutraceutical, meaning it has been formulated so you only need one 7.5g square a day and therefore doesn't interfere with your little-black-dress diet.

Go vegan

go vegan for skincare

"Go vegan" is also an important part of the skincare routine. We always advise our friends to "go vegan" several days a week if they want to keep their skin looking healthier and more youthful. This is because a well-balanced plant-based diet reduces inflammation in the body and supplies you with lots of essential minerals and nutrients that your body can process easily. If you want easy plant-based ideas to get you started or just time-saving genius then opt for a meal-delivery service like Mindful Chef, they create perfectly balanced tasty recipes, then deliver the ingredients and an easy-to-follow how-to card to your door.

Go for a revitalizing face mask

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For last(ish) minute glow, try a radiance mask. To have good results with masks you need to give it time to work, so it’s ideal to leave them on for 15–30 minutes.

Don't forget your hair

Whenever your skin is stressed, your hair and scalp also play up. When your scalp is itchy, itchy flakey scalp shampoo is a must, to get your hair looking glossy and full of life. Taking care of your hair carefully can also make the best for your skincare process.

And you, how do you think about the tips mentioned above? Feel free to tell us by dropping your thought in the comment section below. If you are interested in the article, support, follow us and visit our website at for more beauty tips, news and how-to guides. Thank for your attention! Wish you a Merry Christmas and hope all your wishes come true!