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Taking care of your hair is always one of the top priorities for women. However, it is a pity that not all people can know how to protect their hair properly. Sometimes, there are some unwanted mistakes that cause a lot of damages to our natural hair, which leads to hair breakage or many other consequences. Apohair would explain right on this page about 5 ways you are damaging your hair without realizing. What are they?

1. Dry your hair too roughly

It is easy to understand that there are some specific situations that you want to dry your hair as quick as possible. You have just had your hair washed but in some minutes later, you need to go out. You come back home late and shampoo your hair but you are too tired to keep on awake and you decide to dry hair to go to bed immediately. All the circumstances above are very normal things in daily life but you should realize that they are never good.

When your hair is wet, it faces the most delicate state. At this sensitive time, a bit of rough handling may unexpectedly split hairs, break them or pull them out completely. This is also the very first among 5 ways you are damaging your hair without realizing. How to deal with it if you want to dry your hair in the right way? Instead of scrubbing your hair with a towel and wringing it out, try to gently pat your hair with your towel and avoid pulling on the hair when it is still wet. In case you need to get rid of all of the moisture hanging in the bottom of the hair, gently wrap the loose hair in a towel and lightly squeeze out the excess water – being careful not to twist the hair. You should always learn to treat your hair a bit more delicately if your way is too rough.

2.Expose the hair to too much heat

The second mistake in 5 ways you are damaging your hair without knowing is when you let your hair be in high levels of heat. Through this way, the heat can change the hydrogen bonds that hold your hair together. That happens when you blow-dry your hair on the high heat of the hairdryer, use a curling iron or straightener. A similar effect can also appear when you don’t try to protect your hair from the sun.  Your hair can gradually become dull and dry.

How to stop it? We highly recommend that you should let your hair dry naturally if possible. Also, don’t forget to use heat protective products in your hair when you are about to go out.

Apohair's bulk hair 

Some of Apohair’s customers ask us if they could use heat-protective for our hair extensions. Here we confirm that “Absolutely!” Due to the fact that we make all hair extensions from 100 Vietnamese human Remy hair, the hair is natural as your own hair. It is really important for you to protect hair extensions like the way you take care of your hair. All promises to bring you the best hairstyle.

3. Over-washing and over-shampooing

Washing your hair is good as it will make your hair clean but washing it too often is not necessarily good. When you try to shampoo your hair too much, your hair will become dry, thin and brittle. No matter how effective the shampoo is, overusing it is never encouraged. Even, if you keep on washing your hair too often, this can cause a lot more damaging than you think. Washing hair too much, you are directly stripping of the natural oils that are designed to keep it healthy.

4. Apply tight hairstyles

Some popular hairstyles such as braid or cornrow are usually applied as they are pretty and lovely. However, not too many people can realize that when you pull your hair too tightly into a hairstyle, it can break the hairs and then pull the hair back. This is also one of the 5 ways you are damaging your hair without realizing. Now, you can create much tension on your scalp and irritate the roots of your hair.

The best way to protect your hair is by giving your hair a breather and wearing mostly loose hairstyles. In case you still love tight hairstyle, try to avoid keeping it tied back for long periods of time. If possible, don’t forget to give your hair and scalp a break.

5. Over-brushing hair

You should know one thing that not all brushes are made equal. As a result, there are different types of brushes that are meant to be used in different ways and different jobs. Make sure of your decision when buying a hairbrush by determining whether it is the right one for you. For example, brushes with finer bristles are for finer hair and respectively, brushes with individually spaced bristles are for thick and curly hair. Over-brushing your hair can cause more split ends and breakage as well as the shininess of the hair. This is also the last among 5 ways that you are damaging your hair without realizing.

It would never be a good experience if you keep on following these bad habits as the consequence can never be guessed. Above are just only 5 typical ways that you can damage your hair without realizing and besides, there are many other potential mistakes if you don’t know and learn how to take care of your hair in the right way. Apohair hopes that this blog post is really useful for you on the way to protect your hair.