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32 inches weave hair extensions is the longest hair extensions supplied by Apohair. Since it is the longest one, it is also the most sophisticated hair extensions that everyone needs to own.

What is 32 inches weave hair extensions?

32 inches weave hair extensions is made of 100% famous Vietnamese human virgin hair. As it is made of natural hair, the hair totally organic with no toxic chemical substance, it is health-friendly and harmless.

There will be much more useful information for you below. Please keep reading to find out!

Some features of 32 inches weave hair


32 inches weave hair extensions

Apohair is now offering products with wide range of textures and colors.

In terms of textures, we have three main textures which are straight, curly and wavy. That is not to mention the sub-textures such as kindy and yaki straight hair. For curly hair, we have deep curly, fumi curly and romantic curly. We also have natural wavy, deep body wavy and water body wavy hair extensions.

Although some people might say that wavy is the most favorite texture, it is not always true. Curly wavy is now best-selling products in many of our markets, while straight hair is never going to be obsolete.

Besides, we also have colors for you to select. There are dark colors such as black, brown and light brown. There are also light colors namely yellow, light yellow, blonde and ombre. We can offer mix color and highlight color which will be made by the requirement of our customers. You don’t have to worry about not finding the most suitable color that fits you.

32 inches weave hair extensions

32 inches weave hair and clip in hair extensions, which one is better?

As you know that we have many types of hair extensions which are bulk hair, machine weft hair, tape hair, clip in hair and tip hair extensions. For all these types of hair, we have the same textures and colors of them. However, I want to make a comparison between weave hair (also called as machine weft hair) and clip in hair extensions.

Weave hair is the hair which is weft by the machines, so it looks neat and genuine. Meanwhile, clip in hair extensions is the Vietnam hair extensions which is attached with some clips that help you to apply easier.

When it comes to these two types of hair, I want to give you the main features of them. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

Characteristics of clip in hair extensions:

  • 100% of human virgin human real hair
  • No chemical related factors
  • Harm-free, good to healthy
  • Natural looking, soft and smooth
  • No shedding, no tangles and no insects or dirt
  • Most convenient to use
  • 100 grams/ bundle

Characteristics of 32 inches weave hair:

  • 100% made of Vietnam human virgin hair
  • Soft, smooth and silky
  • No shedding, no tangles and no insects
  • No chemical substances
  • Completely clean and dirt-free
  • Easily applied
  • 100 grams/ bundle

32 inches weave hair extensions

These are the main characteristics of the two types of hair extensions that you might need. Believe it or not, they are ready you to just pick up one. You don’t have to wait for any further time to get it, so just contact us.

The origin of 32 inches weave hair

When it comes to Vietnam hair extensions in general, I think we all know that it is donated by Vietnamese women. These women hardly ever experienced hair bleached or hair dyed before. The hair is 100% human virgin remy hair which is full-cuticle and arranged in the same direction. That is the reason why it is all natural, smooth and strong. Additional to the fact that it is virgin hair, the hair is completely harmless to human health. We use no chemicals to process it.

Since the hair is cleaned to remove all the dirt and perspiration in the hair, it looks so smooth with no tangles, no shedding and no insects.

We now offer 32 inches weave hair extensions with many colors such as black, brown and light brown. We also have some other colors such as yellow, light yellow, ombre, mix color and blonde color. As we have many colors, you can choose whatever color you want to have. Besides, if you want some colors like pink, red, or even blue, we can make it for you.

Our 32 inches weave hair is now divided into bundles which can weigh about 100 grams per each. With this weight, you can apply the hair extensions without feeling heaviness. Also, you can buy some bundles at the same time to reduce the shipment fee.

32 inches weave hair – Vietnamese hair extensions is the best-selling product of Apohair. Alongside with 32 inch hair, we still have a lot more hair extensions for you, so please contact us to get the perfect hair styles.