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Girls love changing hairstyles and that’s the fact. They change their hair almost every day, for every event and every season. Summer passes by taking away all the stale accumulated heat, paving the way for all those autumn showers. And as we’re saying, this is the perfect time to get yourself a new hairdo. Lightning always matches the best with the autumn’s thunderstorms and humidity. The question is you’ve had your hair gone through too many chemical processes, and you don’t want to ruin your lock because of too much bleach, so what you’re going to do? Well, it is not at all easy to solve this problem, but it is actually not that tricky either. For today’s post, we’re suggesting you the 30 volume developer to lighten your hair.

  1. 30 Volume Developer

In case you haven’t used hair developers, they are types of chemicals existing in either cream or liquid form. Hair developers are mainly used for your hair coloring or lightening process as they can open the hair cuticles, allowing the coloring to penetrate the hair shafts. The 30-volume developers are usually most used as the chemical levels in this product are neither too strong nor too weak for your scalp. The other volume developers are the 10 and 20-volume developers, which are used for lighter hair shades, and the 40-volume developers, which is typically used only for extreme hair lightening. However, there are high chances of burns if your scalp touches the product, so you should only go for a 40-volume developer at the salons or when you have your professional hairstylist with you.

  1. How to Use 30 Volume Developer to Lighten Hair:

User-friendly as it is, the 30-volume developer contains intense chemicals. So unless you have very dark hair, don’t consider having it on your bright color hair. A small note is that you should have your hair carefully cared and deeply conditioned the day prior to the day you use the 30-volume developer. That is to reduce unwanted damages that might be caused during the process.

#Step 1: The 30-volume developer package often includes hair bleach with a sufficient amount. All you have to do is to combine the developer with the bleach and blend them well. Depending on how you want your hair lightened, you can mix them with 1:2 or even 1:3 proportion.

#Step 2: Part your hair into 2 sections – top and bottom. Use hair pins or clips to separate and prevent them from getting in each other’s way.

#Step 3: You want to start applying the product from the bottom layer. Grab the layer and apply the mixture thoroughly on to the section to make sure to have even coverage.

#Step 4: Repeat the same process to your hair root and cover your lock with a dry towel. Wait for 15-30 minutes for the developer to do its work.

#Step 5: Once you have your hair with your go-to level of brightness, rinse off the chemicals from your tresses and wash your hair as normal.

#Step 6: The very last step is to apply toner, run it through your hair from the root to the end and let it sit for 5 minutes to completely absorb. By doing this you can prevent oxidative damages after using the developer and keep your lock hydrated and healthy.

30 volume developer to lighten hair

Side note: You have to be super cautious not to expose your scalp to the 30-volume developer as your scalp might get irritated and even discolored if touched. Always wear gloves to protect your hand from the chemicals.

  1. Can 30 Volume Developers Damage Hair?

No, they cannot damage your hair. You won’t have damaged hair if you use only the 30-volume developer to lighten your hair. The culprit causing damages to your hair is the products mixed with that developer. Still, it is impossible to get rid of these products as they play major roles in coloring the hair color. Therefore, once you decided to go for the 30-volume developer to lighten your hair, you should also plan for an intensive treatment for your hair later on. During the nourishing procedure, make sure to apply coconut oil regularly, take full advantage of the light shampoo, and stay away from heat styling.

The trick is that instead of using your own hair, why don’t you have your hair extensions lightened by the developer. You can completely rest assured using the 30-volume developer to lighten your hair extensions without concerning your hair will get damaged. Moreover, if you use your hair extensions to style, you can change the hair color from time to time not having to wait for months for your hair to recover from its bad condition.

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What’s your opinion about using the 30-volume developer to lighten hair? If you have other ways to dye your hair, make sure to share us in the comment section below. If you’re interested in this post, find us at for more articles like this.