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30 inches weave straight hair is all you need to own a shining gorgeous hair or it is just a partner help you change you appearance. 30 inches weave straight hair contains all the natural features to make you feel like it is your real hair whenever you put it on.

Apohair always knows what customers want and provides hair products that follow their requirements. As the result, Apohair now becomes one of the biggest hair wholesale from Vietnam.

Description of 30 inches weave straight hair.

Weave now become very popular with modern girls and there are some reasons for that. Firstly, its structure is basically simple. It is like a curtain when you stretch it out, but its function is actually more amazing than a normal curtain. Secondly, it is easier for you to contribute hair to all your head.

30 inches weave straight hair is the second longest length in our stock. The bottom it will touch you hip. If you haven’t have this kind of hair, you couldn’t know how pretty it is. You can easily style your hair or even you just let it untie, you still make a big impression with others with you shinning long hair.

As I said before, 30 inches weave straight hair contains all the natural features. Now I will give you the reasons why. 100% hair to make weave hair comes from real Vietnamese women’s hair. And with the most careful and professional process, hair is weft together by machine. There is nearly no mess or tangle.

How to keep 30 inches weave straight hair last longer?

If you think you just buy hair and wear it without any care, you are wrong. So here are some advices for you.

Firstly, if you find your weave straight hair dry, you could apply oils. Implement oils before using shampoo while the condition is sitting on your hair and rinse out.

Secondly, you should massaging your hair regularly. You can massage in oils or during the day. It will let you blood flow easier and make your natural hair stronger.

Thirdly, remember to wash it like it’s yours. You should use your favorite shampoo on the weave hair bundle to get familiar with new hair.