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 Apart from being an accessory which can be combined with different types of costumes, turban towel is also an indispensable accessory for your Vietnam hair.

Being a vintage inspired accessory, this multi-functional towel is widely used when you go to the beach, when you go on your autumn walk, when you go on a picnic or when you walk down the street with street style clothing.

You can freely create many styles by different ways of wrapping with turban towels. Turban towels are said to be easily combined with various hairstyles, for instance, braided hairstyles, bun hairstyles, ponytail hairstyles, straight hairstyles, curly hairstyles and wavy hairstyles.

Moreover, turban towels can be applied to hair in different lengths, whether chin length hairshoulder length hair or back length hair. Being aware of the high applicability of turban towels, we are going to share with you some amazing ways to wrap your hair in this kind of useful towel.

Turban towel with bow tie

Many people often assume that it is very complicated to wrap turban towels with bow tie on your head, but actually it does not take you too much time. First, you need to roll the towel up, then wrap it around your head.

Next, twist 2 ends of the towels to create a bow tie which can be placed at the middle of the top of your head or on the left side, on the right side. Nevertheless, you will be more fashionable by letting the bow be on one side of your head instead of on the middle.

Turban towel with a knot

In comparison with bow tie turbans, turban-style headband with a knot is a little bit simpler. It can match perfectly with a high bun, two side braids, one side braid, a loose side swept ponytail and even hair which is put down naturally.

In general, the steps to wrap the turban with a knot are similar to the ones to wrap the turban with a bow, but you have to tie a knot instead of create a bow. The positions in which the knot should be located are flexible. Apart from being on the middle, the left or the right of your head, you can even tuck it behind your nape.

Bohemian-style turban

If you are fond of Bohemian style, you cannot miss Bohemian-style turbans. Some people are unclear about the difference among bow tie turbans, knot turbans and Bohemian-style turbans. Actually, it is quite simple that you only have to cross two ends of the turban. As can be seen, Bohemian-style turbans bring you close to the wild style. It suits hair which is put down best.

Overall, a simple turban towel can also make you shine. To wear turbans with different hairstyles so that you can transform yourself everyday, applying hair extensions is a good idea. Please come to APOHAIR, where you can get the best quality hair extensions in reasonable prices.