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26 inches weave straight hair contains all the natural features needed to turn your hair from a fine thin hair into a think long and gorgeous one. If you are tired of waiting for your real hair growing to make style, 26 inches weave straight hair is the most suitable answer.

Apohair is very proud to be the best hair wholesale in Vietnam and provides 26 inches weave straight hair to many customers all around the world. If you really want to change yourself different you must read this post.

Detail descriptions of 26 inches weave straight hair

You may hear about many times about weave hair or even you use it, but little do you know how it made and why should you must to know that?

There are many weave hair in the hair market, but 26 inches weave straight hair from Apohair is always have good reputation. The reason is that weave hair of Apohair is 100% weft by machine with the most professional process. Moreover, remy hair is the absolute part of hair. We collected hair from Vietnamese women who own long thin black hair.

Another features that customers love about 26 inches weave straight hair is that it is really neat and genuine. There is no place for tangle or mess.

Apohair offers customers 4 main standards such as:

  • single drawn quality type 1
  • single drawn quality type 2
  • double drawn quality type 1
  • double drawn quality type 1

About the hair colors, this is what you can find in our stock.

  • Dark shades: black, brown, light brown, ombre…
  • Bright shades: yellow, light yellow, blonde, highlight color and so on…

How to get a good result when applying weave straight hair?

The answer is really easy. It just need a bit your patience and carefulness.

So first you should wash and condition your hair before any other steps in the application.

Secondly, collect all the necessary supplies, because without them you will waste more time and be more tired.