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‘Beautiful and shining’ are the most suitable to describe you when you put on 26 inch weave curly hair. The reason why I say that is that 26 inch weave curly hair contains all the natural features of real hair. Let’s try it on once, you will never be disappointed.

Apohair is famous for being one of the biggest hair suppliers from Vietnam. Within more than 15 years working on this field, Apohair knows what customers need and we always provide them with the best hair products.

This post today is really special, let’s follow to the end.

Interesting information about 26 inch weave curly hair.

26 inch weave curly hair is always in to list of best-seller of Apo. It is really to understand because the structure of weave hair is very basic and you can easily apply it at home by yourself. All you can see is that the remy hair is sewn together in the same direction and the stylist would stick this curtain into your root hair. Hair stretches to all place in the head so your thicker hair later would look very real and natural.

26 inch weave curly hair 1

If you are looking for a long, think and shinning hair, you should definitely choose 26 inch weave curly hair. The hair will stretch to your hip. Now you can imagine how elegant and sparkle you are in it. Moreover, curly hair will make you look more luxurious. In short, 26 inch weave curly hair is very suitable for event or celebration.

26 inch weave curly hair 2

How to take care 26 inch weave curly hair

Unlike like natural straight hair, curly hair requires more careful skills in caring. Because curly hair is easy to be drier and getting tangles, you should have some special treatment.

Firstly, you should avoid washing your hair regularly, and remember to use conditioner to keep your hair moisturized. Brushing your hair is also a thing that you should avoid, only detangle your hair with fingers or a wide-tooth brush to make sure you do not break the hair locks.

Secondly, do not use styling tools at high temperature. Even with your natural hair, using heat can damge your hair faster. If you want to restyle the curls, you can use hair rollers or protective gel before applying styling machines and only keep it at a low heat.

Finally, use sunscreen for your hair whenever you go out. Even it is not sunny, your hair can still be broken by UV rays and the best way to protect your hair from them is to cover the hair with a thin lay of sunscreen.