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Finding the most suitable hair extensions is very important if you have thin and short hair. Let APOHAIR recommend 24 inches weave hair for you.

Main features of 24 inches weave hair extensions

24 inches weave hair extensions is the hair which is made from 100% Vietnam human virgin hair. The hair is donated by those women who live in the countryside. They love their hair so they often use some natural-based products to take care of them.

Since they barely have their hair cut or dyed, their hair is very long, smooth with original color. It is not easy that they agree to sell their hair for us. That is the reason why human hair is more precious than synthetic hair. By the way, the hair is harmless, completely healthy and fine.

When you touch the hair, you will see that it is soft, smooth, silky and very glossy. It still has the natural looking as it is in the first place and also has the new appearance after we style it.

At the same time, the hair is very smooth with no tangles, no shedding and no insects. That is good news, isn’t it?

24 inches weave hair extensions

As you might think that we have only weave hair in our company, this is not true. We also have many other types of hair for you to choose. Bulk hair is most basic hair extensions. If you buy this one, you have to make it into other types such as tape hair, clip in hair, closure frontal or so on. Doing like that might help to apply the hair better.

Why you should have 24 inches weave hair?

Since the desire for beauty has been increasing among people, hair extensions is also used widely. Hair extensions help people improve their appearance, as a result, it can help people to feel more confident. From that on, they can live to the full and feel happier.

If you surf the internet every day, you will see that many people have used hair extensions. Of course there is no way you can recognize that but the number of people need it keep increasing. Particularly, some superstars use hair extensions to enhance their image every time they show up in some events.

Moreover, people also need hair extensions to use in filming industry. As the characters of the movies have to change their appearance and personality, they have to use hair extensions and wigs. Using Vietnam hair extensions will be really of help in those cases.

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Speaking of how people use hair extensions remind me of how 24 inches weave hair has been so popular. Since 24-inch is the length that is not only long enough to make other people feel it is elegant and tender also looks completely gorgeous and amazing.

Look at some of the girls beside you and look at your idols, some of them also have long hair too. Also, it is really easy to mix with your clothes. If you have proms or something, long hair and a nice dress must be the perfect formula of every woman in the world.

What are colors and textures of 24 inches weave hair?

24 inches weave hair extensions

We have say many times before about the hair types that we have, so today let’s talk more about the colors and textures.

Normally, APOHAIR has three main textures for customers to choose. These are straight, curly and wavy hair extensions. For straight hair, we have yaki straight and kinky straight. For curly Vietnam hair extensions we have deep curly, fumi curly and romantic curly. Wavy hair is the most attractive hair ever and we get natural wavy, body wavy, water body wavy and deep wavy.

Although there are many different textures, the hair is all at the same high quality and standard.

In terms of color, there are many colors that buyers can freely choose. We offer some dark colors such as black, dark brown and light brown. Besides, light colors are also favorite color of many young people. These are blonde, cold color, and highlight. Ombre color, mix color and highlight color are the color that often has been mixed together.

Alongside with 24 inches weave hair, we also have other hair length that you can take into consideration. The length varies from 6 inches to 32 inches. So, whatever hair style you want, you can choose from the hair extensions that we offer.

24 inches weave hair – Vietnam human hair extensions is so stunning and gorgeous that everyone should have one for themselves. It will make you look so much better than you are before. If you still don’t know where you can buy this product, don’t forget that APOHAIR is always there to help you.