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22 inches weave straight hair was born for the girls who want to own a long stunning hair. You really don’t know how different you are when you change your hairstyle. Let’s make your move and change yourself with 22 inches weave straight hair.

Apohair -one of the famous hair suppliers in Vietnam has exported a large amount of 22 inches weave straight hair each year to many countries in the world. Today post will let you know more about 22 inches weave straight hair.

What is weave straight hair?

A weave hair bundle of Apohair is 100% weft by machine. All the strands are arranged neatly and very carefully, so there is nearly no mess or tangle. It is look like a hair curtain. All you can see is that the remy hair is sewn together in the same direction and the stylist would stick this curtain into your root hair. Hair stretches to all place in the head so your thicker hair later would look very real and natural.

22 inches weave straight hair whose bottom will touch your middle of your back will be really suitable to style with clothes or shoes to make the best outfit for girls. Moreover straight hair also make you look taller and more elegant.

Apohair provides 4 standards of weave hair for you to choose:

  • Single drawn quality type 1: hair is the cheapest hair with unequal hair length and thickness.
  • Single drawn quality type 2: hair is better than single drawn one.
  • Double drawn quality type 1: the hair that has more same length hair; thus, it is also more expensive than the two mentioned above.
  • Double drawn quality type 2: the best hair that we have. It has same length strands and same hair thickness in every part of the hair. It is also the most expensive one amongst.

Becides, the color of 22 inches weave straight hair will surprise you more. . The most outstanding shades are black, brown, yellow, blonde, ombre, highlight, mix color… etc. You can choose whatever color that you want.

How to apply 22 inches weave straight hair quickly?

Let’s follow these steps to get the best application for 22 inches weft hair extensions.

  • First, create a horizontal part in the middle of you head
  • Then, use a glue to apply the weft hair at the top of the hair.
  • Then, to make sure they are fit together, you should press about ¼ inch from the roots.
  • The next step is create another layer like these previous steps.

 22 inches weave straight hair would make the huge change on you appearance. There is only one step left is contact us and get one and make the change on yourself.