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Fringes are very high maintenance. In fact, getting any type of bangs requires us loads of extra work – regularly trims, forehead breakout, etc. are just a few reasons. One bad trim and you’ll be looking like a total mess. So instead of rocking these old-school blunt cut bangs, why not try something new? Well, curtain bangs are new!

Curtain bangs – aka Bardot bangs – are claimed to be the most manageable style of hair. The center-parted, long, wispy bangs grow out seamlessly by blending into the rest of your hair and obviously won’t block your forehead pores. Pinterest searches for curtain bangs are up by over 600% in 2019, and I bet that this is the hair trend with major staying power as it keeps reemerging. Now that tons of celebrities were inspired enough to try the look, it’s your turn to rock it. And we are here to give you some of the stylish styles of curtain bangs that will definitely steal your heart.

  1. How to Style Curtain Bangs

Though being called one of the most manageable hairstyles, the way you style it is rather important. They’ll boost your style when done correctly. However, once wrongly done, they can destroy your entire look. So pick up your tools and get ready to style your lock.

#1 Create your part

Use a tail comb to create a part straight down the center of your head, remember to do this step with wet hair.

#2 Comb and Blow-dry

Before blow-drying, brush out your hair with a round brush that suits your hair type. You can choose a medium or large boar bristle brush for those having thick and curly hair texture. For those with a fine-haired fringe, use a small brush to get a bouncier effect.

Rather than rough drying, blow drying right after you’ve washed your hair would avoid fluffy and frizzy pieces. After that, you can roll your fringe around the brush backward and let it set on the brush. Once taken out, part your fringe and smooth it over with the dryer and brush it gently away from your face. With that step being done and your curtain bangs are ready.

  1. Choose the Right Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

Different hairstyles suit different types of bangs. Choosing a hairstyle that would look great for your hair type and face type is also very important. We are here to help you out. We have listed below some of our most favourite hairstyles with curtain fringes, and it will prove you just how versatile these bangs can be.

#1 Textured Wavy Lob

It will be a big mistake if we won’t mention Alexa Chung when it comes to curtain bangs. She is definitely the trendsetter for curtain fringes. And we’re sure you all love her signature textured waves with split bangs. This is a completely low maintenance look in case you’re not into doing your hair. The style is rather done at medium length to avoid much weight.

If you’re having an oval-shaped face, then this fresh-looking glossy waves is the right choice for you.

#2 Half-Up

If you’re looking for a casual hairstyle for your dress down days, a half up would be exciting. If you’re having shoulder-length hair, try Dakota Johnson’s wavy lob half up. We sure you’ll become the coolest girl in town with this hairstyle, and you know what? It would be even cooler if you’re having a subtle ombre color that could blend well with your natural hair.

Should you’re blessed with a more extended hair, and you are taking it to the next level, then it’s time you let this cut do magic for you. We recommend you go for a fuller half-up hairdo with long split fringe that can frame your face line. The results will be flattering.

#3 Ponytail

Imagine how beautiful you could be with the composition of a simple low ponytail and gorgeous curtain fringe. These middle-parted bangs are perfect for a textured low pony, and they’re also long enough to be clipped back in lazy hair days.

For a more energetic and sportier look, go for a high ponytail. Curtain bangs is the best way to accessorize high ponytails.

#4 Layered Cut

If you have fine hair and find a hairdo that can add extra volume, then a shaggy layered cut might be what you’ve been looking for. This hairstyle not only adds thickness to your hair but also gets you that sophisticated yet edgy vibe.

What about thick hair? Can we have this layered cut? Of course you can. Incorporating short curtain bangs can boost movement and body to your long bob, though sometimes it may feel like you added an extra layer on your heavy hair. A side note is that curly hair texture is not the best companion of the layered hairdo.

#5 Wavy Beach Hair

Some call it bed head, we call it beach hair. If there’s any hair trend that can stand the test of time, it’s the wavy beach hair. Whether you’re going on a date or you’re walking on the red carpet, this wavy hairstyle is always in fashion. As the wavy hair has been with us for so long, why not complement your classy waves with the latest trend? Curtain fringes can increase dimension to you waves without adding extra maintenance. All you need are a curling iron and a hairbrush, and you have had the hair in every girl’s dream.

Curtain bangs with wavy hair work with any hair length, but long waves would definitely win all the hair game. I mean, who wouldn’t want a princess-like silky long hair? Do you remember Cheryl Cole and her iconic hair look? That’s are the stuff hair dreams are made of. Good news for you is that you could absolutely nail her look with a super long set of APOHair’s hair extensions.

And look at Camila Cabello, she sported the lock very well with her beret.

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