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16 inches weave straight hair can’t turn you into a gorgeous princess but it can turn you into a very confident girl to be yourself. Believe me, don’t let your current fine hair prevent you from what you want to do. 16 inches weave straight hair promise to bring you a think beautiful hair.

Apohair is one of the biggest hair wholesale from Vietnam. With our wide range experience working in this field, we never fail to meet the hardest customers.

This article is the best place for you if you have the intention to change yourself.

What make 16 inches weave straight hair different?

Weave straight hair first impresses customers with the its structure. If you stretch it out you will see it like a curtain. In the result, it can cover all where you put it.

16 inches weave straight hair absolutely make you look more active and confident. With 16 inches in length you will own a medium hỉa

What sets 16 inches weave straight hair apart from many weave hair in the market is that there is no mix of synthetic hair or non remy hair. All the strands are arranged in the same direction carefully 100% by machine. In the result, you don’t have to worry about tangle or mess.

How to get a good result when applying weave straight hair?

The answer is really easy. It just need a bit your patience and carefulness.]

So first you should wash and condition your hair before any other steps in the application.

Secondly, collect all the necessary supplies, because without them you will waste more time and be more tired.

Then when applying weave hair, you should be slow and careful step by step. And you should definite consult with hair dresser about applying them.