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As you probably know, weave hair (a.k.a machine weft hair) is the affordable hair extensions for most of the women. It is used in many situations and for many purposes.

Definition and description

16 inches weave hair extensions is the hair which is 16-inch in the length. The hair is weft by the machines, so it also has a name as machine weft hair extensions. 16 inches is equal to 40.64 centimeters. With this length, it can cover a little further of your shoulders.

The 16 inches weave hair of APOHAIR is 100% made of virgin human hair with no chemical relation. That means it is harmless to the health of our customers. Plus, as it is full-cuticle remy hair extensions, it is really soft, smooth as your natural hair.

The hair is certain to have no insect like lice in side. We have clean the hair before we take it into manufacturing. All the dirt, tangles or knits have been cleared away. What you receive will be completely clean, beautiful and neat hair extensions.

What the colors of 16 inches weave hair?

Some might wonder if they can get the right color as they want or not. Well this is definitely not a big deal. Speaking of colors, we have a lot of stunning colors which meet the demand of you.

In case you need bright colors as you are bored with your dark hair for a long time, you can choose our light color products. We have light brown, blonde and ombre colors which are supposed to be the lightest colors ever. But that is not the most favorite one. It should be blonde color that most people love to have it.

If you are not interested in bright colors, we also have hair extensions in dark colors for you to choose. Dark colors are always the most natural looking hair color as it is familiar to many people virgin hair. Here we get black hair, brown hair and light brown Vietnam hair extensions.

For some cool girls, they might love mix color and highlight hair extensions. We also have that kind of colors. Mix color is the hair which has more and two color depending on the desire of customers.  Highlight color will make you look interesting, delightful and cool.

How many textures of 16 inches weave hair can I choose?

For weave hair, we have some textures for you to consider.

Alongside with straight hair, which is the most natural hair that you might think of, we also have curly hair and wavy hair. Curly hair includes deep curly, romantic curly and fumi curly. Meanwhile, wavy hair comprises of natural wavy, body wavy and water body wavy hair extensions.

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Curly hair and wavy hair are both hair extensions that are processed by the machine. We use round irons to curl the hair and then it will be steamed with heat to keep the styles. The hot steam helps to keep the styles, but it doesn’t harm our health.

Every texture of our hair extensions is also beautiful on its own way. If you like which one more, then just go for it.

How can 16 inches weave hair be beneficial for you?

Hair extensions make you more gorgeous

Some cynical people might think of this question when they start to buy our products. The truth is after time of using our hair extensions, they will look much better than they did before. As a result, they believe in what we are doing.

16 inches weave hair can be very beneficial for you because of these reasons.

First of all, you can change your look immediately. Since your hairstyle can influence on your appearance a lot, you should change your hairstyle. Many people suffer from hair loss, so their hair looks so bad and unhealthy. Those people use hair extensions and see the magic that it makes. They turn into a gorgeous and amazing person.

Second of all, your hair extensions will make you look more beautiful and healthy. Since hair extensions can improve the thickness, size and volume of your hair, it will make look healthier and stronger. All you need to do is to apply the hair on, put on some nice clothes and your life will change forever, in a better way.

Finally, hair extensions is really easy to use. It is light enough, about 100 grams/ bundle, so you will not feel inconvenient when you wear it. It also lasts for a long time, about one year, so you can save your money.

16 inches weave hair is one of the most beautiful hair extensions supplied by APOHAIR. We are pleased to help you to enhance you appearance, so let’s contact us.