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Are you looking for both affordable and high quality hair extensions? Do you want to bring back a think gorgeous hair? If yes, the answer for you is in this article.

14 inches weave straight hair is considered as the great weave hair in the collections of Apohair. As you may know, Apohair is known as the most famous hair supplier from Vietnam to many countries in the world.

What makes 14 inches weave straight hair different?

14 inches in length is born for girls who love medium hair. Becides, straight hair always make girls more elegant and taller.

When you look at weave straight hair you can see yourself that all the remy hair is sewn together in the same direction. In the result, there is no tangle or mess when you touch hair. You can feel you hand flipping through the hair very easily.

Apohair always provide customers with the best quality hair. All hair has the origin from Vietnamese women’s hair. If you have chance to come here you can see by your eyes that their hairs are really beautiful, long and black.

Apohair also add many colors and lengths in the following list. Feel free to choose

How to apply weave straight hair for the best result?

Let’s follow these steps to get the best application for weave straight light brown hair extensions. 

  • First, create a horizontal part in the middle of you head
  • Then, use a glue to apply the weft hair at the top of the hair.
  • Then, to make sure they are fit together, you should press about ¼ inch from the roots.
  • The next step is create another layer like these previous steps.

Weave straight hair extensions would make the huge change on you appearance. There is only one step left is contact us and get one and make the change on yourself.