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'Never be the same’ is the best sentence to describe how 14 inch weave curly hair will change you. Yes it is! If you are suspicious about that, why don’t you try that one then you will know. 14 inch weave curly hair will never let you down.

14 inches weave curly hair is provided by Apohair with all the natural features remained. With the wide range experience in hair supplying for many years, Apohair never let customers down with 100% high quality hair.

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What makes 14 inch weave curly hair special?

The structure of is 14 inch weave curly hair not much special, but customers always like to use weave hair because of its structure. It is easy to apply. All you can see is that the remy hair is sewn together in the same direction and the stylist would stick this curtain into your root hair. Hair stretches to all place in the head so your thicker hair later would look very real and natural.

There are many kind of weave straight hair in the market, but do you know why people always choose weave hair from Apohair? It is because 100% hair is weft by machine with the professional process. All the strands are arranged in the same direction, so there never be any mess or tangle.

Curly hair is said to be the best hairstyle for luxurious and elegant girls, but don’t misunderstand that it is not suitable for active girls. Let’s take a look at this picture.


There are variety of colors of 14 inch weave curly hair you can find in our stock:

  • Dark shades: black, brown, light brown, ombre…
  • Bright shades: yellow, light yellow, blonde, highlight color and so on…

About the hair textures, we have three main hair textures including straight hair.

  • Straight hair: natural straight, kinky straight and yaki straight hair
  • Wavy hair: natural wavy, body wavy and water body wavy hair
  • Curly hair: deep curly, old curly, romantic curly and fumi curly hair

How to apply 14 inch weave curly hair hair extensions

Let’s follow these steps to get the best application for 14 inch weave curly hair

  • First, create a horizontal part in the middle of you head
  • Then, use a glue to apply the weft hair at the top of the hair.
  • Then, to make sure they are fit together, you should press about ¼ inch from the roots.
  • The next step is create another layer like these previous steps.