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Weave hair extensions is one of the most popular hair extensions in the world nowadays. It is made by sewing the hair all together in one neat line, which makes it so strong, secure and has no tangles or shedding.

People often use weave hair for many purposes such as hair extensions, wigs or something like that. Let’s find out more about the hair in this article.

What is 12 inches weave hair extension?

12 inches weave hair extensions

When it comes to 12 inches weave hair, it is the hair extensions which is made of human hair. They wonder what it looks like and its characteristics. Don’t worry about it because I am going to give you the information you need right now.

The origin of the hair extensions

12 inches weave hair is made of 100% of Vietnam people virgin hair. The hair can be the hair of majority or ecthnicity but it is all in high quality. It can be taken from one donor or two donors but it is equally beautiful. We have both single drawn hair and double drawn hair for you to choose, so you don’t have to worry about the product quality. Plus, since the hair is 100% human hair, it is harmless and friendly to our health.

All the hair is full-cuticle and arranged strand to strand in the same direction. They look so smooth and soft.

What are the main textures of 12 inches weave hair?

12 inches weave hair in different colors

In Apohair, we have three main textures for 12 inches weave hair. To be honest, for each texture, we also have more small textures. For example, we have kinky straight hair and yaki straight hair as the texture of straight. For curly 12 inches weave hair, it might be deep curly, romantic curly and fumi curly hair extensions.

For wavy textures, we have natural wavy, body wavy, water body wavy and deep wavy. The textures of curly and wavy 12 inches weave hair will make it look shorter than the 12 inches weave straight hair due to the curls.

What is so special about 12 inches weave hair?

12 inches hair is the hair which can be shoulder-length hair. It covers your shoulders a little bit. Depending on the textures of the hair, the length might look different.  By this I mean it looks a little bit longer with straight hair but looks shorter with curly and wavy hair.

A lot of people might wonder that 12 inches weave hair is too short for them and that they need a longer hair extensions. That is not a problem. We have here so many length of weave hair from short to long ones. You want 18 inches or 20 inches weave hair? Go for it, we have it all. What about 30 inches and 32 inches weave hair? That is OK for us.

Comparing weave hair to bulk hair, which one should be chosen?

Choose the right weave hair for better hair look

Now you might have a general knowledge about hair types of us. I would like to make a little comparison here so that you can have better choice for your Vietnam hair extensions.

First of all, let’s talk about bulk hair. Bulk hair is the hair which is tied by hair elastics. It can be single drawn hair or double drawn hair. Many people might think that bulk hair is only in black or brown but actually we have all color for bulk hair.

If you buy bulk hair, you need to make it into other types of hair such as weave hair, tape hair, clip hair or tip hair because the bulk hair itself cannot be applied. That is why bulk hair will be cheaper compared to other types.

On the contrary, weave hair is much more convenient than bulk hair. Since it is already weft together, you can use it easily and effortlessly. Maybe some hair pinners might be used to secure the hair, but it is ok.

If I were you, I would definitely buy weave hair. However, it depends on the situation. Buying bulk hair will give you the chance to change the types of hair. You can make any types of hair as you want. That would be interesting that you can design a hair style on your own.

12 inches weave hair is one of many weave hair that we offer. It is Vietnamese hair extensions which is made of human virgin hair. It is believed to be most beautiful hair in the world that you should buy.