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The ashy blonde has been more and more popular among women because they create a hair color that goes in a different direction than the blonde ones with yellow undertones. It is a great option for people who are looking for a mixture of blonde and ash, brown. In this post below, we will introduce 11 light and dark ash blonde hairstyles for you. Scroll down and enjoy it!

Dark Ash to White

Why you don’t take the ombré look to the extreme by letting your dark ash blonde hairstyle run from a dirty blonde color into pure white tips. To achieve it, you may need to bleach your hair. Remember to be careful to follow the instructions or you could damage your hair.

Ash Blonde Hair with Highlights

This hairstyle is a beachy–textured and shaded style that is dimensional and deep. Its unique color is accented by the waves and subtle layers. When we see it under different lights, it presents various colors. The ashy undertone is dominant and this shade suits very well with women with lighter skin. From afar, it has a metallic shine that is extremely interesting and looks so modern.

Medium Ash Blonde

It’s not hard to realize that the base of this light ask blonde hair look is the dark roots and the ashy brown shade. The hair is toned down without any yellow or gold shine. This hairstyle is shoulder length blunt cut and wavy. The blonde with just a bit of grey infused shine will be a dominant color for any types of hair.

Golden Blonde with A Hint of Ash

When you combine the golden blonde with the grey ashy one, you will have a version which is an exquisite and rare look, but very effective to the eye. The golden blonde highlights transform the look that can make you imagine that it is touched by the sun. Again, the waves are one of the best hairstyles that bring out the beauty of the colors.

Dark Ash Blonde Highlights

Not everyone knows that gray or platinum blonde highlights hairstyles can be taken to another level by putting those in ash blonde hair. When the dark ash blonde hair color is put close to the top of your hair, it will help to give your style depth and texture.

Asymmetrical Bob

When you want to give your hair a modern twist, a sloping bob may be a cool idea to try. To get this style, keep the hair longer close to the chin and then get shorter towards the rear of the head. Ash blonde bobs with side bangs will look very great with a very light curl.

Ash and Grey Blonde Tones

We can easily realize that blonde and grey are similar shades that can complement each other. Blond color is warm and the grey is cold. When we add the ash into them, they both come at the same level of smokey appearance. At this look, they are done as highlights and the final result is a soft silver shade. The beautiful and unique color is best shown in a big side Dutch braid. This hairstyle and hair color combination suits best women with fair skin tone and light color of the eyes.

Light Ash Blonde Ombre

This hairstyle is becoming more and more popular because the sleek long straight hair ombre perfectly shows the change of hair color and different tones. The roots are started with the dark blonde which then slowly continues to light blonde and ends with a light ash blonde hair color. The highlights of the hair are also ashy blonde, dominants and bright, they are started just at the root and are easily visible through all the hair.

Light Ashy Babylights

There are many ways to get more brightness and dimension, the balayage and babylights here are one which are made of ashy, beige blonde shade. This color will be easily achieved when it was done on already blond hair as a base. The soft waves add perfection and texture which show just enough of both the shades. The point of this look is to start the babylights highly so both the colors can come consecutively.

Light Ash Blonde Balayage

The combination of blended light blonde and ashy blonde shade results in this wonderful balayage. The base is medium blond, warm and creamy, and the ashy tone that comes as an addition which helps cool down the brightness. Some parts of the hair are left in lightest ash blonde just to help the other shade can stand out more. These highlights start from the high up. This balayage is considered as best shown on long hair.

Platinum Ash Blonde

Many practices have indicated that platinum ashy blondes can have a strong yellow undertone and that is the reason why the ashy shade is used to neutralize it. The platinum looks so clean, shine, deep and natural and the curls at the end are loose. If you want your look to have the white rather than grey, balance the grey infusion and add just the right amount that will be enough to help kill the yellow tone.

 The options and styles for blonde hair colors today are so various and the hairstylists have so many new techniques to help you have an opportunity for a new shade and achieve wonderful looks.

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