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Making you be more confident, more shining is the mission of 10 inches weave curly hair. 10 inches weave curly hair is specially designed to every active girl. Check it out right now to know more about it. There is something really interesting waiting for you.

10 inches weave curly hair is supplied by Apohair with big quantity for you. We have been working in hair wholesale for at least 15 years so we always please customers with best quality of hair.

Now let’s get started.

What is 10 inch weave curly hair?

10 inch is the specific length of 10 inches weave curly hair. It’s is really great length if you are looking for a cute and active hairstyle.

Exported weave hair quantity is increasing more and more each year. This is really easy to understand why. The structure of weave hair is basically simple. It is like a curtain so that it will be able to cover all the needed place.

Curly hair always be the hairstyle for royal people in the past and even now it is still the best choice if you want to look more elegant and luxurious.

The reason why weave hair is always on list of favorite products of customers is that it is very neat and genuine. There is no place for tangle and mess. The secret is that all weave hair is weft 100% by machine with professional process.

Besides, we only provide you with single type of 10 inch weave curly hair, there are 4 standards you can freely to choose:

  • Single drawn quality type 1: hair is the cheapest hair with unequal hair length and thickness.
  • Single drawn quality type 2: hair is better than single drawn one.
  • Double drawn quality type 1: the hair that has more same length hair; thus, it is also more expensive than the two mentioned above.
  • Double drawn quality type 2: the best hair that we have. It has same length strands and same hair thickness in every part of the hair. It is also the most expensive one amongst.

10 inch weave curly hair is really born for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any wonder, we are always available in our wed.