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  • 10 inch Hair Extensions

    10 inch Hair Extensions

    Here we are at the very fourth post of the hair-length series. After having you the extensions that are mainly for enhancing lengths of hair, we thought why not have these 10 inch hair extensions that are specially designed for extra density. Not as popular as the previous two, the 10-inch hair extensions are mostly used for those who want to achieve a fuller yet effortless-looking lock. Of course, for those whose hairs are considered extremely short, 10-inch hair extensions...

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  • 14 inch Hair Extensions

    14 inch Hair Extensions

    Following on to the hair length series, we have the 14-inch hair extensions, which will be the perfect choice for those who want to go longer than the 12-inch ones. We all know hair extensions are quite hard to apply, especially for newcomers. In that case, the 14 inch hair extensions are also a great pick for newcomers to get used to hair extensions as well as for others to have a natural hairstyle on a daily basis. It’s hard...

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  • Blue Black Hair Color Looks

    Blue Black Hair Color Looks

    Beauties! This is it! We’re officially coming to the end of 2019. It’s September already – 2019 ain’t new anymore, and neither is your hairstyle. It’s time to get you some new color looks for the last time before we enter the new year of 2020. Taking over our Instagram feeds these days is a new crop of the newest hair color. FYI, this newcomer is breath-taking. So, get your hairstylist’s number on speed dial and prepare to be blown...

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  • How to Grow Hair Faster?

    How to Grow Hair Faster?

    How long have you last had this sleek, Rapunzel-like lock? What’s the longest hair you’ve ever had? Are you getting tired of your current short hair and are longing for a longer lock? Well, we’re here to get you both the good and bad news for you. The bad news is that, as much as we don’t want to crush your fantasy, hair won’t physically grow overnight – or even worse – months. This is when comes the good news....

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  • Semi-permanent hair color over highlights

    Semi-permanent hair color over highlights

    There will be some days when you feel tired of your old-fashioned hairstyle and those are exactly the ideal moments for you to experience new hair colors. When it comes to various options for the hair dye, you may be a little bit shocked as there are some specific terms in the hair industry such as highlight, lowlight, permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color, demi-permanent hair color or hair chalk. Especially, semi-permanent hair color has lately attracted much attention from...

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