7 best hairstyles for your long blonde wig in 2020

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Getting bored of your current long straight blonde wig? Looking for a new one with a different style? If you are using a long blonde wig made from human hair, you can always change its pattern and make some highlights to diverse your concept. Below are the best hairstyles you can apply to fit your workplace or stand out at a party.

7 marvelous hairstyles for your long blonde wig

Welcoming a hot summer day


02 long blonde wig

In such hot weather of the summer, you may want to get your long wig hair off your neck. Putting your hair into a ponytail is a simple way to get rid of the sweat in your neck and change your style.

What you need to do is to make some light waves and tie your hair up. It will look better with some loose strands framing your face.

Subtle ombre

03 long blonde wig

Refresh your blonde wig with a subtle ombre is a smart choice. You can remain the straight pattern as the new color has already brought a new breath to your long blonde wig. The soft change from darker roots to lighter tips is more fun in summer time.

Sweet long and curly locks

04 long blonde wig

If you are owning a long straight wig, you can style it with some loose curls. Then, make a highlight to your long blonde wig with a small braid positioned at the crown of your head. This little cute braid also helps to keep your curly long locks in place.

Highlight the shades of blonde

05 long blonde wig

Adding some highlights to your wig will make it look more special. But if you style the long locks in curly pattern, it will put more emphasis on your highlight, especially under the sunlight. This a stunning style for an outdoor party.

Lovely flower braided ponytail

06 long blonde wig

A wavy ponytail may be a good way to change the normal look of your wig. However, if you have time, it will be awesome to make something more unique like a flower braid. Match it with a floral dress, you will look like a fairytale princess.

Waterfall braids


07 long blonde wigThe waterfall braids add gorgeous depth and dimension in your wig. You need to make some light waves with your long blonde wig first and start braiding from the top left of your head and go until you reach the right end.

Simple speaks more

08 long blonde wig

If you have long hair, you may have a habit of tucking the side strands behind your ears so they can’t cover your face. And it can become a beautiful style for your straight wig hair. All you need to do is intertwining the strands with the hair behind your head. Then, secure it underneath with a small hairpin. Simple enough!

Tips on caring your long blonde human hair wig

Unlike short blonde wig, the long one will take more time for caring, especially after styling. Therefore, you should spend your time in the process to make your long blonde human hair wig stay longer with you.

Don’t overuse heat styling

Although human hair wig allows heat and chemical styling, you should not overuse it. Too much heat exposure only damages the hair strands, which will make you buy a new one soon. Make sure you use heat protectant spray before you start styling your wig with heat.

If you want to make the curls and waves in your straight wig, you can try to use hair rollers. Just remember choosing the proper size to make your desired curling pattern. This is a safe way to style your long blonde human hair wig.

10 long blonde wig

Moisturizing your long blonde wig

After experiencing heat styling and chemical from dying, your wig hair will become dry. Hence, you should apply specialized shampoo, conditioner and other moisturizing products to make your wig hair smooth and add shine to it. Not all the moisturizers can be used for wig hair, so you should search for the specialized types that are meant for wig.

Choosing a high-quality long blonde human hair wig at first

A high-quality long blonde human hair wig may be higher in price, but it is indeed worth the value. The better hair strands will allow you to apply more styling and go with you longer. Hence, invest in a good one from the start will help you diverse your style while saving time and money.

09 long blonde wig

APOHAIR is now offering a wide range of premium long blonde wigs made from 100% human hair in various sizes, length and textures. If you are pondering where to buy a wig, let visit our site and our 24/7 staff will bring you support anytime you want.

Overall, blonde hairstyles always carry the grace and elegance, and styling your long blonde wig will bring freshness to your appearance. Let choose a style and rock your days with brilliant hair. Or if you want to create your own stunning hairstyle, it’s time for you to try. We hope that this article brings you inspiration. Thank you for reading.

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