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Weave hair extensions have become a really familiar name to people who choose hair extensions partners to add length and volume to their natural hair. While many people are quickly attracted by long straight or curly locks, others try to make themselves more different by weave hairstyles designed in wavy textures. We can also see many celebrities who choose wavy hair extensions to renew their images. Have a look at our collection of deep wave weave hairstyles below to find out your ideal model.

deep wave weave hairstyle

What are deep wave weave hairstyles?

Deep wave weave hair extension refers to one of the most typical types of weave hair extensions. As time goes by, women’s option does not just stop at some simple long straight black hair. They quickly look for other replacements which may still be in black color but in a different texture – wavy.

When it comes to deep wavy weave hair extensions, we believe you know that this type of hair extension will help you achieve both length and volume to your natural locks. Exactly, deep wavy weave hairstyles are the perfect options for girls who’d like to create some difference for their old hairstyles.

deep wave weave

So, what do we mean here by “deep wave weave hairstyles?” The easiest explanation for you is that deep wavy weave hairstyles are the collection of all hairstyles you get when using deep wavy weave hair extensions. The beauty of these hairstyles lies in the thickness of the hair as well as the glamorous wavy texture hair extensions bring.

Apostore’s deep wave weave hairstylesdeep wave weave hairstyle

Apostore produces many different types of weave hair extensions in our stock. And among lots of products, deep wave hair extension is always the one that draws much of the customers’ attention.

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Hair quality

Deep wavy hairstyle is another name we use to call deep wavy weave hairstyles. We are sure that hair quality would be your top concern of our products. And there is a fact that all the hair products we provide are made of 100% Vietnamese remy hair so you can trust in us definitely.

deep wave

Hair color

Just tell us if you are wondering about the colors we design for this kind of hair extension. Besides black – the most basic hair colors in our collection, we also make our hair products in many different colors such as dark brown, light brown and blonde color. Recently, when the demand of customers increases, we begin to develop new colors for hair extensions. They are the best shades of ombre, piano and also red color.

APO's deep wave weave hair

Hair textures

You should not only think that we only supply deep wave hair extensions for our wavy weave hair. If your choice is not deep wavy texture, you can also consider trying other hair textures for our hair extensions such as: body wavy, natural wavy, bouncy wavy, roll bouncy wavy, fumi wavy. If you need information related to these hairstyles, don’t hesitate to ask us. We will be with you and go into detail of each hair extension in the most specific way.

In addition, straight and curly hair extensions are always available in our stock. For straight locks, you can choose among natural straight, kinky straight or yaki straight. For curly hair, you can opt for romantic curly, loose curly, deep curly, kinky curly or fumi curly hair.

Hair standards

Hair standards refer to the thickness in the end of each hair bundle. In APO hair, weave includes four standards which are single drawn quality type 1, single drawn quality type 2, double drawn quality type 1 and double drawn quality type 1. If you don’t need to add much thickness to your natural hair, a set of nice single drawn quality type 1 is recommended. If you desire to achieve a much thicker hairstyle, you should choose double drawn hair.

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The best deep wave weave short hairstyles

Bob deep wave weave hairstyles

Although bob deep wave weave hairstyles are easily be recognized with its short length, it will definitely make you look more dynamic. Never think that this style can make you look less feminine. The opposite is a true thing. Not just making you more beautiful, bob deep wave weave hairstyles are ready to let you be yourself.

bob deep wave weave short hairstyles

Deep wavy short hair with bang

There is no doubt that wavy short hair is going to bring you a youthful appearance and effective age hack. The curls are gently curled like waves to create a fluffy look for the hair. Especially, when deep wave weave hairstyles are combined with bangs, you will look extremely attractive. You can apply this hairstyle anytime regardless of school, workplace or some special occasions.

deep wave weave with bangs

Blonde highlight deep wave weave hairstyle

The combination of deep wave weave hairstyles and blonde highlight color is a perfect combination. This is exactly a hairstyle for girls who love refreshing their appearance. Owning this hairstyle, you are going to steal men’s hearts. Absolutely, it’s hard for men to take their eyes off by a hard-to-explain attractiveness.

blonde highlight deep wave

Blonde deep wavy weave hairstyle

It is easy to recognize our princess of country music with this gorgeous blonde deep wavy weave hairstyle. Taylor Swift attracts all of us with her simple short wavy hair. Blonde deep wavy weave hairstyles are designed for girls who like a novelty. Actually, this hairstyle possessed many different variations to suit many faces as well as women’s needs. If you think this deep wave hairstyle tends to make you look older, you are wrong. Deep wavy hair is the trend that stylists design for fashion styles.

blonde deep wave weave

Deep wavy weave hairstyles are awesome, right? Summer is coming and we hope that all the hairstyles above would be the best recommendations for you on this season. If you love Apostore’s items, tell us. We are always ready to support you and provide you with our best products. Also, don’t forget to constantly visit our website more more beauty tips or latest updates about our product and promotions. Thank you!


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